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Comexim Half Cups 2HC vs 3HC Comparison

Comexim has several styles of bras, half cups, plunges, and balcony (aka unlined also in plunge and half cup).  Until more recently the plunges got most of the attention, now that has changed and it seems their 3HC (3 part half cup with 2 vertical seams) has become quite popular.  I believe this has happened as bloggers started raving about it and how it compares to Ewa Michalak's CH/P styles (also a 3HC cut), Dreams and Underthings did an excellent comparison.

If you try to find out anything about Comexim half cups, most of what you find will be on the 3HC.  The only thing you really can easily find out about the 2HC (2 part half cup 1 vertical seam) is that it is wider and shallower than both the 3HC and the plunge style.

Below is the Comexim Yoko 2HC in 65H and Irish Coffee 3HC in 70G.  You can see quickly tell the difference in projection of each bra, especially the immediate depth (depth at the wire).  The 2 bras have nearly the same depth, 8.8" for Yoko and 8.7" for Irish Coffee (my other 3HC's also are around 8.5").  The wire width is where there is more variation Yoko 5.5 and Irish Coffee 5.25 (my other 3HC's range from 5-5.25).  the width doesn't seem like a huge difference, but you can definitely see what at difference it makes.

The 3HC is definitely going to be the better choice if you are projected and have narrow roots.  The 2HC would work well for someone who is shallower with somewhat average roots. If you are the least bit projected a 2HC probably won't work (you can always bend the wires, but that only helps so much).

Here is a front view of me in both bras.  I am projected with narrow roots.  In the Yoko my breasts aren't getting centered well at all.

 A shot from the side to see immediate projection. I think not only is the top of Yoko too open (this could vary depeding on the bra though), but pretty sure my boobs are fighting to escape since there is no room in the bottom of the cup.

Fortunately Comexim is amazing and you can order any bra in any cut you would like.  Once you find the style that fits best you can order any print or colorway in that cut.  I usually order direct from Comexim, but Sophisticated Pair, Zathiya, and Bra Obsessed are all great as well and based in North America (Bra Obsessed is in Canada, the others are in the US).

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