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My Thoughts on Ewa Michalak SF Trapez 65F

Sorry for the long hiatus, something about winter makes me less likely to blog, perhaps the fact that it's cold out and I don't want to stand around in my underwear for photos.  Also I get my best photos when sunlight comes in through the windows, it's harder to get decent photos since there aren't many sunny days and when there are by the time I am at home thinking about blogging it's already dark out. Just for fun here are some photos taken on a sunny day and a cloudy day in the same area.

Ewa Michalak SF 65F
sunny day
cloudy day 
Having fallen in love with the color and design of the SF Trapez, I had to try it.  I was a bit concerned since the smallest cup size is 65F and sister sizes.  I typically wear 65F or 70E in Ewa's padded styles but haven't had the best of luck in unlined styles primarily the SM, I had yet to try a BM before ordering, but did buy one off bratabase around the same time (it is suggested to get your BM size in the SF, and usually recommended to go down a cup from your padded EM size for the BM).  The BM arrived before the SF and I got it in 70DD, the BM in 70DD happened to be a bit on the small side so I had a bit of hope for my incoming SF (I will review the BM at some point).

I ordered my SF Trapez with matching thong from Zathiya during their Black Friday- Cyber Monday sale.  Zathiya didn't have a 65F in stock, so I had to special order it, ordering was super easy I just filled out the form and received email confirmation that it could be ordered and that I would be billed when it came in.  It did take a little while to arrive, but my Comexim order from the same time frame took longer.  I think it was just holiday delays in the mail and customs.  It finally arrived and it looks amazing though the purple is a bit deeper than expected, but still a nice shade.

Ewa SF 65F, ewa michalak
Here you can see where the strap attachment point is a bit wide for me.

The SF is considered a semi soft or half padded, though it has no actual padding, the bottom is made of a stiffer fabric and the upper made from stretch lace with a stretch tulle behind it.  It is a 4 part construction with 2 vertical seams and 1 horizontal.  I really don't know how many bras in my size range offer 4 part cup construction, I know 4 part construction is fairly rare in general but especially in the lower range of full bust bras.  In a way the combo of the stronger lower cup and stretch upper reminds me a bit of the Curvy Kate Ellace, but with stronger materials and a 4 part cup.

The lace from the upper section is continued on the band which give the Trapez a very nice look.  The band on the SF Trapez is on the smaller side of TTS stretching to about 29in, I do find it fits me best with one set of hooks from an extender.  I initially thought the cups were too big, but I had tried it using too much of an extender and before giving up on the SF I decided to try using a bit less.  If you are on the border of band sizes I would recommend sizing up in the SF Trapez.

Ewa Michalak 65F

Ewa Michalak SF, sf trapez, 65f, full bust
I don't quite fully fill the upper section, but it doesn't really gape unless I slouch.

The firm lower cup with the 2 vertical seams does offer a lot of support and great lift.  The shape is pretty well rounded but a bit more natural (may be more round on someone who fully fills the upper section), with just a bit of minimizing while still giving some subtle cleavage. The upper section even though it is stretch lace and tulle is a little open, if you apex and upper fullness don't match up, this could cause some looseness and gaping.  I think the SF would easily accommodate someone who is very FOT.  The SF does offer a good amount of projection and has firm wires, it takes a little time to adjust to them, at least for me, my favorite unlined bras are my Curvy Kates and they have rather soft wires.

As with pretty much all Ewa's the straps are kind of wide set, being wide set isn't a huge problem for me I wear plenty of other Ewa's with not issue.  The problem I have with the SF is the area the strap attaches at is quite wide.  This causes some irritation after a couple hours, I was home when it really began bothering me so being in fear of it cutting my arms off I switched to another bra, specifically a Comexim 3HC with straps moved in 2cm to avoid any further irritation.  I will probably try wearing it a bit more and giving it a wash to see if the fabric softens up, and becomes a bit gentler.  I know sometimes the use of an extender can change the way straps sit too.

I also ordered the matching thong, and the thong is amazing.  It has the same stretch lace as the cups on the sides of the panties and makes for a very comfortable fit.  Sorry for the blurry pic, I took this on the cloudy day and when I went to take the new photos, the underwear were in the wash. I will try to update with a better pic.

ewa michalak, sf, a bra that fits, bra fitting, matched set, lingerie

Overall the SF is a very well constructed bra, and feels quite durable.  It offers good projection, and can be accomodating for very FOT, while still working for more average fullness.  I would recommend sizing up in the band on this one if you are between sizes.

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