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Finding A Bra that Fits, My Journey

Please visit so you too can find A Bra That Fits, take your measurements and try their bra size calculator.    For further assistance in your bra fitting journey try Busty Resources they have all sorts of information including where to shop for your new size.   I also recommend checking our Bratabase and making an account there, you can read bra reviews, see measurements of bras, and keep track of bras you've tried and keep notes on how they fit.

I discovered proper bra fitting after becoming frustrated with the fit of my 34C bras.  They would fit ok at first, but always on the last hooks to start with, and eventually the cups would slide down more and more and sit on my ribs which was irritating and not comfortable.  During this time I exclusively wore bras with the lowest gores possible, I also typically wore push up style that had thick padding.

While this bra isn't exactly what I used to wear, here are some photos in an old 34C bra.  This was one I got mostly for photo shoots when I was modeling.  I primarily wore heavily padded VS or Fredericks bras in 34C, but I couldn't find any of those. Other than being a lightly padded molded cup, this is similar to the cut I would wear.

Quad Boob and cups no where near IMF
Not as bad from this angle, but still quadding.
Band riding up, I need to take a stretched measurement, almost certain it will be over 34in.

I started my journey into better fit deciding I should try sister sizing down to a 32D (I was already a bit familiar with sister sizing, I guess I must not have fully scooped and swooped previously or my other bras had taller cups, because I should have realized the cups were too small).  When I tried on 32D's and scooped and swooped, these didn't fit, I was quadding out.  I had went to Victoria's Secret, and even the fitter there recognized this was a bad fit and had me try 32DD, this seemed better, so I bought a couple bras.  I didn't have the fitter measure me this time, but when they have they usually measure me at 34C.
After learning what I thought was my new size, I decided to buy some other bras from VS in 32DD (the Semi Annual Sale was going on so...).  I bought one bra in the store (a plunge model that was similar to my old favorite that was the wrong size).  I also have the associate order 2 of another style that wasn't in the store in  my size and even get it price matched to the stores sale price.

The ordered bras arrive and are quite snug.  I was unsure whether the way it was fitting was correct for this model or if it was too small (surely it couldn't be too small).  I decide to wear it to VS and have someone take a look at it to get a second opinion.  I tell an associate my issues with the bra and she takes a look.  She says that the gore should still be tacking (it was a somewhat odd style, don't remember what it was but it had comfy bendy/plastice underwires).  She then proceeds to pull out some of the demis they use for fitting.  I'm then told I'm not a 32DD, but a 32DDD.  I return the 2 bras I had ordered that didn't fit at all, but dont buy anything in a 32DDD because I feel like I don't get much cleavage from them and they aren't a great fit (side note, cleavage is not a determining factor in a good fit, a great fitting bra provides lift and support, but depending on the type won't always give much cleavage)

After a couple weeks of wearing one of the first 32DD bras I got from VS I'm slowly realizing it's not quite a perfect fit, the underwires still seem to slide down.  My other 32DD on the other hand seems to be a pretty good fit.  I do some googling and come to find Bratabase and I decide to post a fit check.  I learn the wires aren't sitting in my IMF, and that the bra may not be projected enough for me.  I also learn that moulded cup bras can hide fit problems.  It was recommended by some users based on my measurements that I try some UK size 30E/F bras.

Underwires are nowhere near IMF (short for Infra-mammary fold, fancy term for underboob crease) , which at the time unbeknownst to me was part of my whole reason for looking for a better fitting bra. If you don't think this looks too bad keep scrolling.
From this angle you can see some quadding, imagaine how awful a cup volume down would be. You can also kind of see that the gore quite tacking, and since the bra is sitting so low it's doing much of anything.  The quadding is caused because the cup is too shallow so my boobs are trying to fight their way into a a deeper part of the cup.

On top of the cups being too shallow, it's a shape mismatch which is why it gapes (many molded cups will have this issue even if it fits, it's harder to get a good match when the fabric isn't flexible, part of why unlined are suggested for finding your size/shape whether you plan to wear them or not), and now you can also see that the wires are much too wide for me (well kind of see, it's molded so you can't really see where my tissue ends, a hint, it's not in the middle of my armpit as the wide wires would have you think).

After figuring out where to buy this new size, I placed some orders in some varying sizes to try out some different brands.  Although I had yet to learn how to fully utilize Bratabase and ended up ordering some that definitely didn't work.  However, I am finally beginning to learn what works for me and how to utilize the measurements of the bras on Bratabase to my advantage to hopefully end up with more success.

So you tried the calculators, and you get a size you have never heard of, and don't believe it or have no idea where to find this new size.  The best bet will probably be online, although some stores might carry your size.  Nordstrom does carry some sub 32 band sizes as do other department stores, but they probably won't have much in stock.  If you need to try something on you may need to try on a sister size to at least determine cup volume then determine how much smaller the band needs to be, just remember go up a letter for every band size down you go.  For instance 34C fits but band it loose 32D, and 30DD would be the equivalent cup volume, but have smaller bands.  The best bet is to buy off Amazon, and buy products sold and shipped by them so you have free returns, and returning to them is super easy.  Once you get an idea of your size and your size in different brands then you have a ton of cheaper options too.

Also try some unlined or at least not moulded cup bras when trying to determine your shape and size.  Moulding and padding can both disguise fit issues.  Also don't be afraid of lightly padded with seams either, most the time the seams don't show much if at all and the seams are a part of the bra structure and help to support and provide shape to the breasts.  My first semi successful bra was a lightly padded Betsey Johnson 32DD, and my second was a Freya Deco Rebel 30E (30F fit but cups were a bit too tall and wide).  I loved the Freya a Deco and had many colors of it, until I finally tried Polish bras.  I do recommend Deco if you must have a moulded cup or need a gateway into better fitting bras and are coming from the land of the VS Push Up Bra.  I will add photos and a review on Deco at some point in the future, despite them mostly sitting around until I need a seamless nude bra.

Photos in bras that actually fit.

Cleo Mimi 32DD

Cleo Mimi 32DD

Ewa Michalak PL 65F

Comexim 3HC 65H straps moved in 2cm

If you aren't sure where to find your new size click here.

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