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SheFit Sports Bras

So I kept seeing ads for SheFit, some ladies at my gym also recommended them in our Facebook group, and shared their coupon code.  Around the same time I saw an ad for SheFit's clearance sale and with the coupon and shipping the bras would be around $35 a price that I'm much more comfortable taking a risk at than the regular $70, so I ordered a couple.

One style was only available in a Small and the other was available in a Medium.  Upon initially reviewing the size chart I thought that I could easily go either way. My overbust being just a hair over the small measurement it goes to 37, I'm closer to 38, and Medium topping out at 38.  My underbust measures around 30.5 and I've been wearing more 32 bands recently.  Either way 32 is at the end of the small spectrum and in the middle of the Medium.  Their Fit Finder also recommended a Medium when I plugged in my size as 32DD, if I used 30E it sent me to the measurement chart.

SheFit Sizing Chart

SheFit Bra Size Conversion Chart

For those who aren't familiar with SheFit, they take away conventional bra sizing and offer more adjust-ability than standard XS-XXL sizing.  The back band and the straps are velcro and  you have a full range of adjustments.  The front of the bra is zip front, but has hook and eye closures underneath the zipper, there is also a piece of fabric behind the zipper near your chest so the zipper isn't actually touching your skin.  I thought it seemed like pretty cool concept, and thought it could possibly work well.  

The bras arrived within a few days of placing my order, the packaging is nice, and the tag is attached with one of those stretchy ribbon hair ties.  The quality of the bras does feel nice.  Sorry I'm writing this a few weeks after receiving and did not take any photos of packaging.  

I'll go ahead and start off with the fit of the Small, this was not the size recommended and I quickly found out why.  The small feels like it's too small by far more than an inch in the boob area, the band area, I've tried to leave looser to balance things out and it's just not comfortable due to it being too small.  That being said, I do feel very secure, but not in a good way, more of help my boobs are being suffocated and need out kind of way. 

Regardless I decided to take it for a spin and do a workout in it, I did a cardio dance class that is similar to Zumba and we do a fair amount of jumping.  Of course due to the fit my boobs weren't going to bounce.  The main challenge here was testing out the zipper. I felt bad for not just my boobs, but the poor hook and eye closure that is behind the zipper.  To my surprise the zipper did stay put even being pushed to it's limits of fit.

The medium while fitting better than the small I do not feel like this is the correct size for me either.  It's not as suffocating, but still too small around the boobs.  I think the Luxe (large) might be a better fit.  I didn't go to a large as my measurements were on the smaller end of it with the ribcage measurement not reflecting my own although it did list 32 which is the band size I've been wearing most often recently I was concerned it might not adjust tight enough,but the velcro goes all the way around so I don't think it would be an issue. I might try SheFit again in a Luxe if I can get one on sale.

Overall I do think it is a SheFit is a good product, but if you are on the larger end of an overbust measurement and the smaller end of the band measurement size up. It definitely feels quite supportive and very well made especially the zipper, I was extremely impressed by the zippers ability to stay put even in too small of a size. I can't say if the support would remain the same in the Luxe but I do believe the band would be adjustable enough for a smaller ribcage.

Ewa Michalak BM

Sorry for the long delay in reviews.  I've been super busy traveling for work more so than usual and also started a side gig when I'm home long enough to do it and want to make some extra money (if you are curious I began shopping for Shipt in June which is a grocery delivery service).  This review on the BM has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time now and other than being busy I'm not sure why I haven't taken some time to finish it.

I got the Ewa Michalak BM Neonek on Bratabase after having tried the SM.  The BM arrived before the SF I ordered around the same time (SF Trapez).  I had been a bit concerned with how the SF would fit and had heard it fit similarly to a BM.  I got the BM Neonek in 65E which is a cup smaller than I get in Ewa's padded styles.

The BM Neonek is a neon pink made from a sheer mesh under layer with lace on top, the upper section of the lace is stretch lace.  It is a 3 part cup with one horizontal and one vertical seam. The BM is supposed to give a bit more natural shape as opposed to the very lifted and projected look of the SM.  I feel like the BM may give a slightly more minimized look instead of a very projected look like the SM.  I'm not sure why, but in the SM I get a flattening at near the underwire that causes an odd indentation, I'm assuming a bit more immediate depth is needed, otherwise I do like the SM, but because of this I don't plan to purchase them.

The BM Neonek has a rather firm band and I can't wear it without an extender or two.  I did however like the overall shape it gave, but also felt the cup may have been a bit small. I emailed Ewa Michalak in regards to this to get some input and was graciously offered a BM and and SF to review.  We didn't discuss styles or anything so it was a surprise when I got the order confirmation.  I got the BM Pantera in 70E as well as the SF Kicia in the same size.

The bras arrived while I was out of town for work so I couldn't wait to get home to try them out.  Both bras fit well, but since this is a review on the BM I will focus on just the BM Pantera for now.  The Pantera has two layers of mesh with stretch lace unlike the Neonek that has mesh and lace with the stretch lace upper section.

The 70E is a much better fit for me than the 65E, the band on the both run a bit on the smaller side of true to size, but the 70 band is perfect for me at 31in stretched.  The cups are a better fit in the 70E as well, they give me just enough extra depth to eliminate the bit of quad I got from the 65E (8.5in).  I had been worried that a cup volume larger would be too big, but it seems to be perfect as do my subsequent BM purchases in 70E (8.8in).

I already mentioned I had subsequent BM purchases so yes, I do love the fit of the BM.  The first time I had read about the BM the thought that it was supposed to be a more natural shape had me a bit worried, but I find it still gives a fairly round shape.  It does have a slight minimizing quality but more so in the way that it doesn't bring the breasts as front and center super projected way like the SM or Cleo.  I don't find the BM to really take  away from your actual size it just spreads out the fullness a bit more.

The BM has a fairly low gore as well at 2.25in.  A low gore is nice when you need a break from taller ones and it is quite comfortable.


My Thoughts on Vivisence Juliet from Other Eden

Other Eden contacted me to offer me a set to review, given that I did receive this set for free to review, but was not told what to say all thoughts and opinions are my own.  While they said I could choose anything, it was strongly encouraged I try their house brand Vivisence.  Other Eden also carries a fairly large selection of European brands.

Vivisence has bras, swimwear, and nightgowns, for reasonable prices.  While tempted by the swimwear I decided for a first try of their line I should stick to a bra. I used their size chart as well as input from the Karol the person from Other Eden who I had been in contact with.  Although ultimately went with what I thought would work best, which was a band down and a cup up from the recommend size of 34E.  I looked for some information online about the brand as well, but wasn't really able to find anything.  I ended up choosing 32F (the tag lists this as UK/US size), and picked the Juliet model in beige since I'm lacking on "nude" bras for lighter colored shirts.

The Juliet set arrived rather quickly and was packaged in a larger box with 2 smaller branded boxes inside one for the bra and one for the brief.  Taking the set out of the packaging it is a very attractive set and feels soft and well made.  However, looking at the bra it looks like it's not going to fit.  The cups look rather large and wide.

Sure enough I try on the bra and it is not even close to fitting, I think a cup size or 2 down would be a closer fit, but I don't think it would be an ideal fit even in a smaller size.  The cups are rather (5.7in) wide and shallow (depth is 9.5in), in addition they are also very tall (7in).  The shape would probably work well for someone with wide and tall roots.  I don't think it would work for someone who is extremely FOT since the uppper section doesn't really stretch, but could possibly work for slightly FOT.

Yes, this is scooped and swooped

The bra itself 3 part cup construction with one vertical and one horizontal seam, and is a Semi Soft so the bottom is padded (thin layer of foam, similar to a Comexim) and the top is unlined. The upper seciton of the cup is embroidered mesh with a thin strip of elastic at the edge.  Other than the elastic there is no stretch to the upper section of the cup.

From the side/angle the elastic disguises the openess a bit.

On a positive note the beige is a pretty good nude for my fair skin.  Also the band is just a bit on the small side of TTS stretching close to 31in.  The set is also gorgeous for a basic "nude".  I really wish the shape would have worked out for me.

I did also get the Juliet briefs in size small.  The briefs do fit decently on me even though I am at the larger end of the size range for a small.   I wouldn't necessarily recommend sizing down, as I think I could just as easily wear a medium, and it may be a slightly better fit.                                                                                              .

I did contact Other Eden prior to reviewing this set to let them know that the Juliet didn't work for me.  Based on what I told them, mentioning the wires were too wide and the cups too shallow, that all the Vivisence models are made this way, they recommended I try Gaia or Nipplex.  I chose the Gaia as the Nipplex I liked was out of stock.

I will review the Gaia sometime soon.  In the meantime Other Eden asked that I do a giveaway with the Vivisence set.  If you would like to enter and think that this set could work for you comment below with your instagram name, follow me and Other Eden on Instagram and like and comment my post of this set on Instagram.


My Thoughts On Maison Lejaby Rosae from UK Lingerie

A few weeks ago I received an email from UK Lingerie asking if I would like to receive something to review from them.  UK Lingerie sells a fairly wide variety of brands including some European brands.  I looked through the website and made my selections, one bra was out of stock in my size, but they let me know quickly.  The set I chose that was available is the  Maison Lejaby Rosae, there was a Pour Moi I was interested in as well, but my size was out of stock.

The Rosae is a full cup bra and is a bit tall 7.5in. It looks looser here than it truly is though.
I received the set within a couple weeks, fairly quick for UK to US shipping.  The set itself is quite stunning in a gorgeous shade of red.  Surprisingly since finding my correct size, this is the first red lingerie set I've owned, a bit shocking since I love red.  The set is called Rosae, and appropriately so  since the bra and panties both have a rose applique on them.  The Rosae also comes in black with a red rose.

I find Rosae to be a fairly decent fit, not quite ideal as the shape may be a bit off for me, but it'ts looks and comfort make it a bra I will still wear.  The wires are narrow (5in), but quite flexible which kind of makes them feel wider than they are, or it is how short the wires are and not being used to a wire ending that low.  Regardless the wires are comfortable and my armpits are no where close to being in danger, and the soft wires offer a nice break from firm wires. 

The gore is a bit wide (.8in), but it is low (2in) so it doesn't sit on tissue and isn't really an issue, though I do think a narrower gore might help give a bit better shape.  My main issue is how tall the cups are 7.5in, and despite having slightly tall roots and being high set, I don't have quite enough upper fullness to fill it out.  However since it is a bit closed at the top, the fact I don't fully fill it out is a bit concealed.  The cups are fairly generous at 9in deep, but don't offer a lot of immediate depth, there is more apex projection.  

The shape is more natural, and not really round.

The shape I get from the Rosae is definitely a more natural and not super lifted or rounded (with a shape that better fills out the upper section this may be a different story).   I feel like it may minimize some, but this also leaves breasts more outside of my frame so in some aspects it doesn't appear minimizing, if that makes much since.

The set looks quite stunning and it is also quite comfortable, even the embroidered cups are not scratchy or anything.  The embroidery will show through a thin shirt, just something to be aware of if you are bothered by that sort of thing.

This is a think $2 Wal-Mart t-shirt you can see the embroidery a bit, but should do fine under a thicker shirt, also the shape appears a bit more rounded in clothes than it does in just the bra.

Even though the Rosae isn't an ideal fit, the comfort and style of the bra do make up for it.  I would highly advise sizing down in the band though.  I got this in 32DD and while the cups are good, the  band has 4X2 hooks and I'm able to wear this on the tightest setting of the 4 and still get some riding up.  The band easily stretches to 34in and unstretched it is 28in.

I would probably recommend the Rosae for someone who has average projection and is a bit FOT.  It is also a great option for anyone who doesn't like firm wires.  Those whose armpits are always in danger can also have no fear in the Rosae (the wires are 8.5in long).  Just be sure to size down in the  band.

I also got the matching panties which are great.  I got them in a small and they are a perfect fit on my 31in hip bone and 37in hips, they are really comfortable too.  They also have the same rose applique but on the opposite side of the bra.

Other than not being an ideal fit I do really like the Rosae, I have already worn it several times.  The bra is quite comfortable and somehow even though it has several fit issues that could normally be deal breakers, the Rosae somehow manages to make them almost non issues.  I do look forward to trying more bras from UK Lingerie as well, they seem to have a nice selection especially of European brands.


My Thoughts on Curvy Kate Galaxy Bikini

curvy kate galaxy

With all the success I've had with various Curvy Kate bras, I really wanted to try their swimwear.  After reviewing the Scantilly set Curvy Kate gifted to me I asked if they might be able to send me a bikini to review as well, they were generous enough to oblige and let me choose the style.  There were several I really liked including the Daze especially the Cross Over Bandeau, Cherry Berry, and High Voltage.  Ultimately I could only pick one and it came down to Daze and Galaxy, I chose Galaxy since it came in a plunge, halter style.  I have a bit of concern with bandeau based styles as they can sometimes be a bit wide and shallow though I can't speak for Curvy Kate's bandeau's since I have not tried one.

The Curvy Kate Galaxy comes in several styles the halter plunge which I chose, a strappy bandeau, and a one piece sharing the strappy design of the bandeau.  The bikini is offered with 2 different bottom options including a side tie brief and a high waist brief.  While I am intrigued by the high waist bottom, I'm was a bit unsure of how I would like that style on myself, so I chose the side tie briefs in a size 8, since my experience with Curvy Kate bottoms is they tend to run a bit big.  Until the bikini had arrived I forgot 8 is equivalent to XS in US sizing and when I  noticed I was a bit worried, but it is a side tie so worst case it would just be a bit cheekier.

curvy kate, galaxy, bikini, sexy, summer, swim, swimwear

Choosing a size for the top was a bit easier.  I'm usually a 30E or 32DD though I have a couple Curvy Kate bras that have me considering a cup size larger.  I decided to go with 32DD since I'm between band sizes and the bikini top doesn't have an adjustable closure.  The only concern I had with the top was that it's a plunge and the only experience I have with a plunge from Curvy Kate was with the Cabaret unlined plunge which was a bit of a shape mismatch, but the Galaxy is padded so I was hoping it would fit differently than the unlined Cabaret plunge.

bikini, curvy kate, galaxy, push up, cleavage, strappy

I rushed off to try on the new Galaxy bikini, I put the top on first and at first it seemed I might have some gaping, but a quick readjustment of the halter strap solved that.  The band is a perfect fit, I'm satisfied with my decision to go with the 32 band, I think a 30 would have been too small for me.  After making adjustments the cups seem to be a pretty good fit as well.  The top also gives a great lift and cleavage.

curvy kate, bikini, halter, swim

Taking measurements for the top I was actually very surprised to see that the wires are quite narrow at 5in, the wires are also very short at about 7.5in.  The cup depth isn't as deep as most my best fitting bras, but considering it is a plunge it may be about average, the depth is 7.75in.  Despite seeming a bit small in the depth department, it has quite a bit of apex projection, though not a ton of immediate depth. The gore is about an inch wide, but since it is a plunge the gore is less than 2in tall so I don't think the width is causing any real issues, it almost looks like it's on a bit of tissue, but I don't feel it. The top also is a 3 part cup with one vertical and one horizontal seam.

curvy kate, galaxy, bikini, swimwear, strappy

Now knowing the top is a great fit, I grab the bottoms to try on.  To my surprise the bottoms fit very well too, they are definitely cheeky, but looking back at the photos of the model, I'm fairly confident this is how they are designed to fit.  It is possible I could have went with a 10 and had a decent fit as well, just perhaps with slightly more coverage, but I'm quite pleased with how the size 8 bottoms fit.  If the high waist brief goes on sale at some point, I may give it a try, but I feel like high waist things aren't super flattering on me, but that could come from shunning high waist bottoms of any type for so long.

curvy kate, galaxy, bikini, swimwear

curvy kate, galaxy, bikini, swimwear

Overall I am very pleased with the Galaxy bikini and will most likely try other Curvy Kate swimwear in the future.

curvy kate, galaxy, bikini, swimwear


My Thoughts on Ewa Michalak S Syrena

my thoughts on bras, ewa michalak, S, S syrena, syrena, mermaid bra, lingerie

Ewa Michalak's S Syrena is the second S model I have tried, I had previously tried the S Pantera (for more detailed fit description read the review for Pantera).  The S Syrena is an absolutely stunning bra with it's deep teal and purple color combo and eyelash lace.  I had seen Syrena for and wanted to try it for a long time, but until I discovered I liked how the S model fit I wasn't ready to buy it.   I did finally come across Syrena in a set for sale on Bratabase and decided to get it, the size is 70E, depending on how the particular model runs I usually get 65F or 70E, though I've been becoming more uncomfortable in 65/30 bands recently with the exception of newer Cleos with stretchy bands.

The bra and panties arrived, and I didn't think it was possible, but Syrena is even more beautiful in person than in photos.  The colors are very vibrant and the oversize bow is a nice change from standard gore decorations. The cups themselves are a deep turquoise, the lace is a navy blue and the bows are deep magenta.  The band is navy blue with the turquoise being used as an accent.  The colors go together beautifully.

ewa michalak, s syrena, beautiful bra, full bust, cleavage, mermaid

Also while the straps especially in this photo appear to be quite wideset, they give me no issues whatsoever.  The material used for the straps seems to be quite soft so perhaps that is why I'm not the least bit bothered by them.  I honestly didn't even realize the straps were wideset until looking at the photos.

As with the other S I tried the Syrena also has nice narrow wires (5.2in) and decently projected cups (8.7in without cookies), even with the cookies in the bra does remain in my IMF (all photos are with cookies.).  The gore is also nice and low.  The band is pretty TTS stretching to 31.5in in 70E, had I went with a 65F I would probably need wear it with an extender for a few wears.

ewa michalak, s syrena, beautiful bra, full bust, cleavage, mermaid

I am so happy that I found this as a set because the panties really complete the look.  The backside of the panties also feature the same oversized bow as the bra.  The panties are also very comfortable.  I can't recall the size I'm wearing, I want to say 36, but I can't find the panties to verify at the moment.

ewa michalak, s syrena, beautiful bra, full bust, cleavage, mermaid, lingerie


My Thoughts on Cleo Blake

As I previously mentioned in my post about Cleo Hettie, Cleo and I have not always been best of friends at least not when it came to unlined bras.  It wasn't that they didn't fit, but I was unsure of the look under clothes (I'm not sure if the bras changed or my opinion changed).  However after my success with Hettie, I decided to try Blake.

I had read some reviews on Blake, and I was attracted to the design (a bit bond girl esque), and the vibrant color options Cerise (kind of a raspberry/ pink) and Turquoise.  I was able to find the Cerise on Amazon in 32E for around $15 and decided to give it a try.  I knew Blake was a sister cut to Marcie, which had worked well for me fit wise, but again had been a bra I was unsure about the appearance it gave under clothes.

The Blake arrived and the color was somewhat different than I had expected, I guess I thought it would be a brighter pink, but it is a more deep, but still somewhat bright pink.  Regardless of what I expected I am still happy with the color.  I think my photos are fairly close to the true color.

In my reviews of Cleo Hettie and Mimi I had mentioned that the bands were quite stretchy and ran large.  This had been the opposite of my prior Cleo experience of bands that ran quite firm and smaller than their labeled sizes.  I am pleased to say that Blake does have the same issue with running large as the Hettie and Mimi, my 30E stretches to 32in at full stretch with some wire distortion and 31 with no wire distortion.  I'm about 30.5 underbust, so a stretchy 30 works pretty well for me though it is possible I could have done a 28 with a bit of an extender.  If you are on the smaller end of you usual band size I would advise sizing down.

Band is mostly level, but I'm between a 30/32
With Hettie I found the stretch lace to be quite open on top which is a bit odd since it is a Lily clone which means it's designed for more even shapes, and I do get very slight in cup quad in Hettie.  However Blake is more closed on top primarily at the edging where the pale trim is located.  I don't seem to notice any in cup quad at all but I do get some slight pressing in at the trim.   In  Minnie, another Marcie clone, I got a lot more in cup quad. This is mostly likely caused by my somewhat tallish roots (thanks to Hugs for your Jugs for helping me realize this).

Here you can see the bit of pressing in I get from the trim.

Despite the pressing in the cups are otherwise a very good fit.  The wires are nice and narrow (about 5.2in)  and the cups are nicely projected with a good amount of immediate depth.  The wires follow my roots well, and stay in my IMF all day.  

Blake is made out of two layers of mesh fabric, which is surprisingly very soft.  I do find Blake to feel a bit more supportive than Hettie, probably because the top is more closed off than Hettie.  With Hettie the lace section was just a bit too open for me, still a great fit, but if it were a bit more closed off it would feel a bit more supportive.  I went hiking in Blake and had very little movement, not that I'm running or anything, but it did a great job.

The straps on Blake attach in more of a triangle shape, this attachment type can cause a bit of irritation for me, especially in brands with already wide set straps (Ewa Michalak SF Trapez comes to mind).  While I don't think the straps are wide set the attachment point is a kind of wide.  For the most part I'm not really bothered by it, but I did have some prominent marks after the first wear from it.  After several wears, I no longer get any marks from the strap attachment area, so for me at least it went away with just a couple wears.

I have the straps angled a bit, but you can see where they come in fairly close to armpits
Blake also seems to give a rather full round shape under a shirt, I don't feel the least bit minimized. Looking at photos of Blake under a shirt, it's almost hard to believe I 'm wearing an unlined bra.

Overall I would highly recommend Blake, though if you are very FOT or have very tall roots you might want to size up.  I don't think I could size up and get a better fit, in a larger cup I would probably have a lot of gaping.  Since I only get some slight pressing in I think I'm better off in 30E.

Also if you want to see more of "My Thoughts"  I have started another blog for topics other than bras.  My Thoughts on More... Than Just Bras!!!


My Thoughts on Cleo Hettie, and Lily Comparison

cleo lily, cleo hettie, cleo, panache, my thoughts on bras, bra review, bra comparison

So when I first began my "ABTF" journey Cleo was constantly recommended as a diagnostic bra for fit to help determine shape since Cleo offers a variety of styles for different shapes.  Marcie for FOT, Lucy for FOB, and Lilly for even.  Being new to unlined bras I was unsure of the profile those bras under a shirt.  Most of Cleo's unlined offerings give a very round shape (which I liked), but also a very front and center profile.

Here's a quick photo guide for the different cuts:

cleo minnie, marcie, cleo
Minnie a Marcie Clone for FOT 32DD
cleo lily, cleo
Lily for Even Shapes 34D
cleo lucy,cleo kali
Kali a Lucy Clone for FOB 32DD

The front and center made me a bit unsure if I actually liked the way the bras fit, I felt it brought my breasts too much into the center of my body and made me a look a bit less balanced in shape since they moved outer fullness to the center.  However, I have fallen in love with some of their newer designs and decided to give Cleo's unlined offerings another try.  A bit of a spoiler alert, I am very happy I decided to give unlined Cleos another chance.

Cleo had offered to send me a couple bras to review and I already reviewed Mimi a 3 part half cup, which I loved, and they also sent me Hettie.  Hettie unlike Mimi is an unlined balcony with stretch lace at the top.  The Hettie is also a clone of a discontinued favorite Lily.  Lily was best for a mostly even breast shape, and was a bit closed off on top, so the stretch lace on Hettie may make it an option for those who are also more FOT.

Hettie is absolutely gorgeous, although how the color appears can vary a lot based on lighting, fortunately my photos are close to accurate in color.  In many photos Hettie seems to come across as more navy all over, and while the stretch lace is navy the rest of the bra is a more of turquoise with teal dots. This color combo makes for a great contrast, and Hettie is also available in burgundy (I found one at Nordstrom Rack, but it wasn't my size).

cleo hettie, cleo, bras for even shape, stretch lace, blue bra

Compared to Lily, which I have tried in the past and still have one in a sister size of 34D the Hettie gives a nice round shape, but doesn't seem to pull breasts inside your frame as much (photos in shirt at bottom of post).  The cups actually have a bit of excess fabric on me on the outer section of the bra by the wire,  but I don't think I could size down as I get a touch of in cup quad where the fabric meets the lace, but really only right after scoop and swoop.  This isn't nearly as bad the in cup quad I've gotten in other Cleo's such as the Minnie (a Marcie clone), and isn't noticeable at all under a shirt.

cleo hettie, blue bra, stretch lace
You can kind of see the little bit of in cup quad as well as the wrinkling on the outer section of the cup.

I get a lot moe quadding in Lily, it's also a bit too closed off on top.
Even though I get a tiny bit of in cup quad in Hettie, the stretch lace does gape a little bit, at least after the initial scoop and swoop, but it's mostly near the gore and not bothersome.  Because of this I think Hettie could still accommodate someone who is a bit full on top.  I believe I'm mostly even with some slight FOT tendencies (possibly from being high set).  By contrast, in Lily I have to reverse scoop a bit to get the gore to tack.  The cups on Lily (9in) aren't as deep as Hettie (9.5in) and both bras have a cup width of 5.25in.

cleo hettie, blue bra, stretch lace
Here you can see the little bit of gaping near the gore on one breast.

When the Cleo rep asked me what size I wanted to try I chose 32DD, because I remember a lot of their older models running small, and being between sizes I chose the larger.  I had heard that some of the newer Cleo's were quite stretchy and ran big, but despite knowing that I went with the larger band based on my experience with the older models.  The band on the Hettie does run quite large and it will actually ride up on me on the loosest setting, and still a bit on the tightest.  Hettie stretches to almost 33in, and Lily in 34D stretches to about 32.5, unstretched Hettie is 29.5in, and Lily 28in.  I would definitely suggest sister sizing down for this one.

cleo hettie, blue bra, stretch lace
Band rides up on the loosest hooks, problem is solved by wearing on tightest hooks.

For a comparison this is Lily in 34D and it doesn't seem to ride up as much as Hettie in 32DD.

Despite the big band I do find Hettie to be quite comfortable.  In older Cleo's when I would try to wear them I remember the gore being incredibly stabby especially while sitting.  I've worn Hettie many times now including on a road trip (lots of sitting) and today while finishing my taxes (more sitting, and yes I know I'm cutting it close to the filing deadline, but they are all finished now), and the gore while being a firm tack is still comfortable.  I am more aware of the gore in Hettie than I am in a Comexim or a Curvy Kate, but by no means am I uncomfortable.

I would definitely recommend Hettie especially for those who need a lot of projection and immediate depth.  Also great for an even shape and possibly those who are a bit FOT.  As I mentioned when I reviewed Mimi, I would love to see Cleo try out some lower and narrower gores on their unlined and non moulded cup offerings.

Here's how Hettie and Lily compare in profile under a shirt.

32DD Hettie under a shirt, you can't even notice the in cup quad. (I have no idea what is up with the weird streak of light).
34D Lily under a shirt, I'm getting both in cup and regular quad.