Monday, December 19, 2016

Scantilly Peek-A-Boo

Before I get started, I decided to change up where I take my photos, normally it's the bathroom because it tends to get the best light, but I decided to try out the recently renovated bedroom today.  I think the darker color wall offsets this sexy set pretty well, although the lighting may not be as good as the bathroom.

I've been having really good luck with Curvy Kate unlined bras recently and have been intrigued by their Scantilly line.  Scantilly generously offered to gift me a set for review,  the set I received was the Peek-A-Boo in black.  I got the bra in 30E and the brief in medium.  I was unsure what size to get in the brief as I hadn't tried and panties from Curvy Kate before.

The bra is a balconette style with sheer mesh cups, but has a black (spandex?) overlay that covers the lower part of the cup (hence the peek-a-boo).  It is a four part construction with 2 vertical seams and one horizontal.  There are several panty options including a thong, brief, and bare face brief (it has a cut out over the cheeks).

The bra fits decently, although the cups are a bit on the small side.  I have some bubbling, so I would be interested in trying it in a 30F to see if that is a better fit or if it ends up being too big, I have a suspicion that the bra is just intended to be low coverage since Scantilly is Curvy Kate's budoir line.  The gore on  the Peek-A-Boo is also rather wide, after full scoop and swoop I have to reposition a little so it's not sitting on tissue.  The cups almost feel a bit shallow, but when I feel under the overlay to see how the cup is fitting pulling the overlay away makes it actually feel rather projected.

I've seen a few reviews saying the overlay portion is a bit strange, but for me it didn't seem to be an issue.  I think in order for the overlay to work well, it needs to be a near perfect fit so if the fit of the band or cups is even slightly big the overlay might wrinkle.  When I was asked my size preference for the bra I said a 30E or 32DD depending on how the band fit and the representative said Scantilly bands run a bit big, but I find the band to be fairly TTS.

The panties I was sent are the bare faced brief, when asked size of those I said small or medium and provided measurements because I frequently fit in between sizes.  I was sent the medium, and  unfortunately they are too big, I would say they fit a bit more like a large.  I might try to take them in a bit.  Since I haven't tried and Curvy Kate or Scantilly panties previously I can't provide a comparison.  I almost wonder if the bare faced brief might run a bit bigger than regular briefs.  If anyone has tried the bare faced brief and regular brief any insight on fit between the 2 would be awesome.

The photos seem to be hiding the looseness of the panties, you can kind of see the upper band wrinkle a bit on the back shots.

If you look at the waistband, you can see a bit of wrinkling, it is also a bit loose on the sides.

Overall I am quite pleased with how the bra fits and the aesthetics of it as a set, I just wish the panties fit better.  It is a very sexy set, but I think it could still function well as a regular bra.  Now I do have a few qualms with the quality for the price point.  There are some loose stitches on both the bra and briefs, and the materials just don't seem to be as high quality as the price point would suggest.  I know that you can pretty easily find Scantilly on sale on UK based sites, so if you want the set and can find a good deal it's still nice just not at the MSRP.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Meow!!! Wellfitting Demi Bra

Like everyone else in the bra community, I fell in love with the Meow, cat print bra from Wellfitting.  I was fortunate to have a couple coupon codes from referrals so I was able to get a bit of a discount.  I ordered the bra in Wellfitting size 32G which is the same as Comexim 70G.  The Wellfitting calculator had put me in 32DDD, which I almost chose, but I decided to email Wellfitting and ask and they said to go with the equivalent to my usual Comexim size, which in my case happens to be the same letter.

Wellfitting wasn't offering the choice for customization, which I usually do get at least a lowered gore and straps moved in on Comexim's 3HC cut.  I decided to contact Comexim directly about this and was happy to hear I could send them my order number and request alterations.  Requesting the alterations does take away the ability to return the bra, I wasn't concerned about this since I know my Comexim sizing and alterations my only concern was how the Wellfitting sizing compared.

The bra and matching panties finally arrived and I couldn't wait to try it on.  The bra does fit very well and identically to a Comexim 70G.  The band does seem to run a bit big compared to my 70 bands from Comexim, but it does have 4 sets of hooks and it fits on the 2nd set nicely (It stretches to 31.5 so a bit more TTS).  I got the panties in medium and they fit pretty well, but a bit larger than my other Comexim panties in medium.

The overlapping gore really brings the girls together.

When I contacted Comexim with my order number to request alterations I had only requested the gore be lowered 2cm.  When it the bra arrived I did notice that the gore appeared to be overlapping as well. I've received a few bras from Comexim with this alteration although I hadn't requested it and have never really minded it.  I don't think I necessarily need the overlapping gore, but it does allow for some extra cleavage.  I have noticed that with overlapping gores that the gore will sometimes roll more towards one breast.

The straps also feel nice and narrow, which I typically request straps moved in 2cm, but didn't do so this time.  I'm not sure if since I have requested the 2cm strap alteration in the past that Comexim just went ahead and did it or if it's part of the design agreement they have with Wellfitting. Another blogger (Short 'N Stacked)  also mentioned the straps seem to be quite narrow as well.  Regardless this makes me and my armpits quite happy.

The cup edge of the Meow is a bit different from other 3HC styles as they usually have a ribbon or lace trim at the top this particular style has a thinner trim that is a bit more closed off.  I don't have any major issues with this, but if you are very FOT keep this in mind.  During my larger time of the month I do get some slight bubbling on my larger side, and during my smaller time, the bit of gapping on my smaller side is a bit more noticeable. Neither issue bothers me, but something to keep in mind, and knowing Comexim, I'm sure if you wanted a different trim they would accommodate.

 Something that wasn't noticeable in the photos on Wellfitting of the Meow is the subtle wave pattern in the fabric.  I want to say that the wave print is what is on Comexim's Mimi. I'm not sure why they felt the need to add this to the bra, but it is subtle enough that you don't really notice it.
If you look closely you can see the subtle wave pattern.

The fit is quite similar to all  my other 3HC bras from Comexim with the only differences being from the alteration of the overlapping gore and the different trim.

Overall I am very pleased with the Meow.  Other than Wellfitting not offering any customizations and having to contact Comexim with the order number,  the only downside is the price point of bras from Wellfitting.  Wellfitting used to have a US return address and do unlimited exchanges so that was benefit especially for those new to Comexim, and for some a justification for the price. However, they no longer have the US returns address, so returns aren't cheap.  For regular styles I will stick to ordering direct from Comexim and may buy from Wellfitting for special prints.  If you would like to order from Wellfitting, my referral link will save you 10%.

As soon as I track down the panties from the wash I will try to add photos of the whole set.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Ewa Michalak S Pantera, Finally Trying the S

I had tried one of Ewa Michalak's S models a long time ago when I first started my ABTF journey.  The first one I tried was what I guessed to be a cup size too big 65FF, but for some reason I just never got around to trying another S in a size smaller.  I'm honestly not sure why I didn't try another, I tried many other EM's since, but hadn't give the S a second shot.  From what I remember of the first one, I kind liked it despite it being a bit too big.  Anyhow, I finally decided to give the S another chance.  I found the S Pantera for a decent price on r/braswap and despite not being crazy about the print I decided to try it.  Pantera does look better in person than in most photos I've seen. I think I captured the print pretty well in this close up.

Prior to trying an S in the correct size, my main style for Ewa Michalak was the PL.  I do like the low gore and the cleavage I get from the PL, but sometimes feel as if the wires are a bit wide and the straps too wide set.  For some reason it seems most people in my size range prefer the CH/CHP cut, which just doesn't quite work for me, it fits but I feel unsupported.  With the S, the cups are a bit taller than CH/CHP, but while still being fairly low.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the gore was lower than expected, not PL low, but reduced gore Comexim height perhaps. Although looking at the photos it does look like the gore is sitting on tissue slightly on the right breast (left side in photo), but I didn't notice any discomfort or have any idea until taking photos.  The wires are also narrower or at least feel narrower than the PL (the S is a bit narrower S 5.1in  PL Chalet 5.3in) the straps also seem less bothersome.

So the S in 70E does seem to fit a bit better with the cookies in, but not enough to justify a size down, not that it is available in a 65E.  The one time I tried a 65E in 3D, it was too small, all photos of the S Pantera are with cookies in.  I wore the S Pantera for a full day after receiving it and find it to be possibly my most comfortable EM bra (I have worn it a few more times since and it still remains very comfortable). I am very happy with the S cut and will try more S bras in the future, I already have the Syrena on the way. 

After adding the photos to my blog, I'm actually really loving the Pantera, the color is beautiful and the leopard print is quite subtle.  The S gives a very nice uplifted round shape a bit less cleavage than the PL, but kind of a different style cleavage.  The S is a bit more subtle cakes on a plate whereas the PL is more of a Y shaped cleavage.

S Pantera 70E

PL Chalet 65F

The S also looks great under a shirt. It gives a very round and projected look.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tutti Rouge Nichole 30DD, A Final Try!!!

After 2 long weeks of working out of town I arrived home this evening to several packages, mostly bras (yay!), as well as some samples of lingerie wash (upcoming reviews, and possibly soon, my bras are in desperate need of washing).  If you've been reading my blog, you know I had been graciously sent the Tutti Rouge Nichole to try and review.  I had tried the Nichole once before being offered one to review and the first one I tried was a 30E (too big), the second a 30D (too small).  Tutti Rouge was amazing enough to send me another Nichole in 30DD.

This time I received the Nichole in a stunning Cobalt blue, it also has black trim, a leopard print bow, and as always Tutti Rouge's signature heart shaped sliders. So the 30DD is a much better fit than either the 30D and the 30E.   As with the previous sizes the 30 band does still run big I can wear it on the loosest hooks with no issues, but can easily get it on the last hook as well, so if you are a true 30 you will most likely need to size down.

From a frontal view it doesn't look bad, it actually looks like a decent fit.  The the 30DD is the best fit of the 3 sizes I have tried.  The lace trim is mostly lay flat and the cups are filled. Despite this I am still having some issues with the fit.

This time the sides of the cup aren't creating as much of a bulge as the 30D did.  For some reason though it is still creating some lumpiness on the side.  Here you can also see how wrinkly the cup is.  The cup wrinkled in the smaller size as well, so I think that is just a characteristic of this bra.  I though perhaps the wrinkling was leading me to think there was bulging, but when I pulled the fabric taut there was still bulging.

If it weren't for the wrinkling and the bulging I would say the shape that Nichole gives is fairly round, but the bulging disrupts the shape and makes it less round. I would also be quite satisfied with the Nichole otherwise. Somehow though it seems to be a bit better under a shirt, though the bulging and wrinkling is still a somewhat evident from a direct side view (it seems more obvious IRL).  The angle shot though seems to look quite nice.  I could probably be alright wearing Nichole under a loose fitting shirt or a sweater.

In this shot it actually looks quite nice.

When I look back at my reiviews of Nichole in the other sizes, I noticed on the 30E while it is too big there is no wrinkling on the outside of the cup.  On the 30E the only wrinkling is at the upper part of the cup, and there is also no bulging.  I guess for a true fit I need the outer fullness or wire width of the 30E and the smaller upper section of the the 30DD.

Nichole in 30E

Friday, September 30, 2016

Comexim Small Quail 70G

I ordered Small Quail a few months, and just haven't gotten around to reviewing it.  I like that it utilizes neutral colors in an interesting way.  Since discovering proper fitting bras I can't really bring myslef to wear basic "nudes" any more, for whatever reason I always used to just have a couple bras and stick with a "nude" so it could wear it with anything.  Needless to say I no longer have just a couple of boring bras. One of my favorite pseudo "nude" bras is my Comexim Sonia. 

The Small Quail is a light beige color with a light brown lace overlay.  It is absolutely stunning in real life (my photos aren't doing a great job depicting the actual shade of brown). For some reason the lace doesn't seem as smooth as that of Sonia or Irish Coffee, although both of those are 3HC's, and I think some of what I'm noticing is wear the seams meet and not so much the actual lace. Since the seams don't meet in a 3HC they seem less noticeable I guess. That being said the lace and the seams could be somewhat visible under a thin shirt.  For me I don't think I could pull off wearing this bra as a "nude" under a white or light colored thin shirt as the brown is a bit dark for my skin tone.  Regardless I do love how the bra looks and fits.

Small Quail normally comes as a deep plunge, like Ginger, which is wider and shallow compared to the normal plunge or the 3HC.  For this bra I decided to order it as a standard plunge with the straps moved in 2cm, cups reduced 2cm and gore reduced 2cm.  This is the way I had been ordering most my Comexim's before getting the 3HC cut.

Somehow both the altered standard plunge and the 3HC work nicely for me, most people seem to have one cut that works better for them than the other.  I do think I like the strap placement a bit better on the plunge, but I'm not sure if my 3HC's actually received the 2cm alteration (requested, but it can be hard to tell if it has been done).  This bra also has an overlapping gore (I didn't request it), which doesn't seem to hurt the fit for me, I think I get a bit more cleavage and my breasts sit closer together, but for me the overlapping gore isn't a necessity.
Sorry about the bad lighting, the hotel bathroom isn't an ideal area for photos, but I had the review ready to go and realized I forgot side/angle photos.

The band on this one does run quite firm and I do need to wear it with an extender if I'm wearing it for any amount of time (photos are without an extender).   This is a 70G (equivalent of a 32 band) and it stretches to 29in which is pretty close to my tight underbust measurement so not very comfortable to wear all day without an extender unless I don't plan on breathing.  My other 70 Comexim bands stretch a bit closer to 30-30.5in.  The band material for Small quail is quite firm and much less stretchy feeling than Comexim, Sonia, or Dottie, I think it's similar to the Pionson Ivy material if I remember it correctly.

I also got the matching panties with the bra and they are incredibly comfortable, the lace being on the sides gives a nice fit with the lace being a bit stretchy.  I usually buy thongs and not briefs, but for decided to just try the briefs this time.  I got the panties in a medium and they are a very good fit and medium is the same size I get in their thongs as well.  The panties do seem to be somewhat lower rise (which I prefer) for Comexim, I can't recall if I requested a lower rise or not, I usually do but forget sometimes. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Update on Comexim Angel 3HC 70F vs 70G

I previously did a review on the Comexim Angel balcony vs the 3HC.  The 3HC ended up fitting much differently than my other unlined 3HC Coco, and was too small.  I reordered the Angel as a 3HC in 70G here is a comparison.  First up an overview of the 70F.  Also, I was a bad bra blogger and forgot to measure the 70G before I sold it, but there are pictures and you can at least see the difference in fit.

I tried the 3HC Angel, fully expecting it to work just as well as my Coco since this is a sister size.  Unfortunately this doesn't fit like my Coco, I think Coco runs a bit big, and this might run a bit small.  The Angel 3HC is at least a cup too small for. I have quite a bit of quadding and also get some distortion in the side of the cup.  The gore doesn't quite tack and when I press it down the quadding is much worse.

3HC Angel 70F
3HC Angel 70F

3HC Angel 70F
3HC Angel 70F

So after my failure with the 70F and my love of t his bra, it's simple but quite pretty I ordered a 70G thinking this would solve my problems and be my perfect unlined nude bra.  I requested it with straps moved in 2cm and a lowered gore, those alterations I believe were done, but the gore is also overlapping (I don't think this causes any issues).

It looks like a decent fit in this photo. 3HC Angel 70G

 In the 70G the straps seem to attach higher up on the cup, and the side of the cup where the strap attaches seems to be taller.  Even though the cups and straps are near my armpits I don't think they would be an issue since the fabric is rather soft.

The real issue I have with this bra is that the upper lace section of the cup.  The lace is not stretch lace and doesn't have much give to it, this causes the lace to press into my upper tissue. This causes some of my tissue to be pushed up out of the cup, flatten where the lace is and then below the lace start to round back out.  This creates a rather lumpy shape.  I do wonder if a standard height or raised gore could help this, but I probably won't try to reorder again.

As much as I love the design and how well the color blends with my skintone, I think I will have to give up on the Angel.  I do wonder if over some time the lace would loosen up, but I can't deal with the shape it gives so I won't be able to test that out. 

The photos don't quite capture the weird shape the bra was giving.  To some extend you can see it in the photos but it seemed much worse in real life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Curvy Kate Florence

Curvy Kate Florence

After my success with the Curvy Kate Ellace, I really wanted to try out some more Curvy Kate bras.  I knew the Ellace was related to the Bardot cut so I looked for other cuts that were related and came across Florence.  There were some nice fun colors as well as a soft pink which Curvy Kate calls blush.  It just so happened that sometime during my search for other Curvy Kate bras that the Blush Florence in 32DD came down in price so I ordered it.

The Florence unlike Ellace does not have any stretch lace, it's a mesh bottom with a lace upper section, but no stretch.  When the bra first arrived I was at a larger part of my cylce and I thought it seemed a bit small, I checked Amazon and found Florence in a cup size larger it arrived quickly so I was able to compare to my size at that time.  The 32E Florence definitely too big, so it went back immediately, sorry I didn't get pictures of the 32E.

The Blush color of Florence does work very well as a "nude" on my fair skin.     The only downside is the upper lace section is fairly visible through thin shirts, but that really isn't an issue.  The overall fit is amazing, I really can't believe that this fits so well without stretch lace, usually if lace isn't stretchy it gapes or I get pretty obvious in cup quad, that isn't the case with the Florence.

One thing I really love about the newer Curvy Kate unlined bras is that the side wings are super low.  I don't have issues too often (that could also be since I primarily stick with altered Comexims), but there have been some bras that I need to tighten the straps more and just can't because the combo of a wider set strap placement and taller wings or cups feels nearly lethal.

The band on Florence doesn't feel as tight as Ellace, despite it measuring identically.  I think this could have to do with the band on the Ellace having a firmer less stretchy elastic. Both bras fit great, but sometimes with the Ellace if I'm working outside in the heat I will use a bit of an extender with it because it will occasionally feel tight.  Florence on the other hand, I can fairly easily clasp on the tightest hooks, but I wear it on the loosest with no riding up.  It's kind of crazy how much the tension of the elastic can affect how a band feels.

Since I mentioned how well it works as a "nude" for me here are a few shots under a thin white t-shirt.  You can see the seems a bit, and while not visible in the photos the lace can be a bit noticeable as well (very thin $3 Wal-Mart t-shirt).  Florence gives nice rounded shape, but a bit more natural at the the same time.  I think it's fairly similar to the shape that Ellace gives.

Overall I am very happy with my recent Curvy Kate purchases, it's nice to be able to buy a bra and get it in just a few days as opposed to waiting a month.