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My Thoughts On Maison Lejaby Rosae from UK Lingerie

A few weeks ago I received an email from UK Lingerie asking if I would like to receive something to review from them.  UK Lingerie sells a fairly wide variety of brands including some European brands.  I looked through the website and made my selections, one bra was out of stock in my size, but they let me know quickly.  The set I chose that was available is the  Maison Lejaby Rosae, there was a Pour Moi I was interested in as well, but my size was out of stock.

The Rosae is a full cup bra and is a bit tall 7.5in. It looks looser here than it truly is though.
I received the set within a couple weeks, fairly quick for UK to US shipping.  The set itself is quite stunning in a gorgeous shade of red.  Surprisingly since finding my correct size, this is the first red lingerie set I've owned, a bit shocking since I love red.  The set is called Rosae, and appropriately so  since the bra and panties both have a rose applique on them.  The Rosae also comes in black with a red rose.

I find Rosae to be a fairly decent fit, not quite ideal as the shape may be a bit off for me, but it'ts looks and comfort make it a bra I will still wear.  The wires are narrow (5in), but quite flexible which kind of makes them feel wider than they are, or it is how short the wires are and not being used to a wire ending that low.  Regardless the wires are comfortable and my armpits are no where close to being in danger, and the soft wires offer a nice break from firm wires. 

The gore is a bit wide (.8in), but it is low (2in) so it doesn't sit on tissue and isn't really an issue, though I do think a narrower gore might help give a bit better shape.  My main issue is how tall the cups are 7.5in, and despite having slightly tall roots and being high set, I don't have quite enough upper fullness to fill it out.  However since it is a bit closed at the top, the fact I don't fully fill it out is a bit concealed.  The cups are fairly generous at 9in deep, but don't offer a lot of immediate depth, there is more apex projection.  

The shape is more natural, and not really round.

The shape I get from the Rosae is definitely a more natural and not super lifted or rounded (with a shape that better fills out the upper section this may be a different story).   I feel like it may minimize some, but this also leaves breasts more outside of my frame so in some aspects it doesn't appear minimizing, if that makes much since.

The set looks quite stunning and it is also quite comfortable, even the embroidered cups are not scratchy or anything.  The embroidery will show through a thin shirt, just something to be aware of if you are bothered by that sort of thing.

This is a think $2 Wal-Mart t-shirt you can see the embroidery a bit, but should do fine under a thicker shirt, also the shape appears a bit more rounded in clothes than it does in just the bra.

Even though the Rosae isn't an ideal fit, the comfort and style of the bra do make up for it.  I would highly advise sizing down in the band though.  I got this in 32DD and while the cups are good, the  band has 4X2 hooks and I'm able to wear this on the tightest setting of the 4 and still get some riding up.  The band easily stretches to 34in and unstretched it is 28in.

I would probably recommend the Rosae for someone who has average projection and is a bit FOT.  It is also a great option for anyone who doesn't like firm wires.  Those whose armpits are always in danger can also have no fear in the Rosae (the wires are 8.5in long).  Just be sure to size down in the  band.

I also got the matching panties which are great.  I got them in a small and they are a perfect fit on my 31in hip bone and 37in hips, they are really comfortable too.  They also have the same rose applique but on the opposite side of the bra.

Other than not being an ideal fit I do really like the Rosae, I have already worn it several times.  The bra is quite comfortable and somehow even though it has several fit issues that could normally be deal breakers, the Rosae somehow manages to make them almost non issues.  I do look forward to trying more bras from UK Lingerie as well, they seem to have a nice selection especially of European brands.

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