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My Thoughts on Vivisence Juliet from Other Eden

Other Eden contacted me to offer me a set to review, given that I did receive this set for free to review, but was not told what to say all thoughts and opinions are my own.  While they said I could choose anything, it was strongly encouraged I try their house brand Vivisence.  Other Eden also carries a fairly large selection of European brands.

Vivisence has bras, swimwear, and nightgowns, for reasonable prices.  While tempted by the swimwear I decided for a first try of their line I should stick to a bra. I used their size chart as well as input from the Karol the person from Other Eden who I had been in contact with.  Although ultimately went with what I thought would work best, which was a band down and a cup up from the recommend size of 34E.  I looked for some information online about the brand as well, but wasn't really able to find anything.  I ended up choosing 32F (the tag lists this as UK/US size), and picked the Juliet model in beige since I'm lacking on "nude" bras for lighter colored shirts.

The Juliet set arrived rather quickly and was packaged in a larger box with 2 smaller branded boxes inside one for the bra and one for the brief.  Taking the set out of the packaging it is a very attractive set and feels soft and well made.  However, looking at the bra it looks like it's not going to fit.  The cups look rather large and wide.

Sure enough I try on the bra and it is not even close to fitting, I think a cup size or 2 down would be a closer fit, but I don't think it would be an ideal fit even in a smaller size.  The cups are rather (5.7in) wide and shallow (depth is 9.5in), in addition they are also very tall (7in).  The shape would probably work well for someone with wide and tall roots.  I don't think it would work for someone who is extremely FOT since the uppper section doesn't really stretch, but could possibly work for slightly FOT.

Yes, this is scooped and swooped

The bra itself 3 part cup construction with one vertical and one horizontal seam, and is a Semi Soft so the bottom is padded (thin layer of foam, similar to a Comexim) and the top is unlined. The upper seciton of the cup is embroidered mesh with a thin strip of elastic at the edge.  Other than the elastic there is no stretch to the upper section of the cup.

From the side/angle the elastic disguises the openess a bit.

On a positive note the beige is a pretty good nude for my fair skin.  Also the band is just a bit on the small side of TTS stretching close to 31in.  The set is also gorgeous for a basic "nude".  I really wish the shape would have worked out for me.

I did also get the Juliet briefs in size small.  The briefs do fit decently on me even though I am at the larger end of the size range for a small.   I wouldn't necessarily recommend sizing down, as I think I could just as easily wear a medium, and it may be a slightly better fit.                                                                                              .

I did contact Other Eden prior to reviewing this set to let them know that the Juliet didn't work for me.  Based on what I told them, mentioning the wires were too wide and the cups too shallow, that all the Vivisence models are made this way, they recommended I try Gaia or Nipplex.  I chose the Gaia as the Nipplex I liked was out of stock.

I will review the Gaia sometime soon.  In the meantime Other Eden asked that I do a giveaway with the Vivisence set.  If you would like to enter and think that this set could work for you comment below with your instagram name, follow me and Other Eden on Instagram and like and comment my post of this set on Instagram.

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