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Ewa Michalak BM

Sorry for the long delay in reviews.  I've been super busy traveling for work more so than usual and also started a side gig when I'm home long enough to do it and want to make some extra money (if you are curious I began shopping for Shipt in June which is a grocery delivery service).  This review on the BM has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time now and other than being busy I'm not sure why I haven't taken some time to finish it.

I got the Ewa Michalak BM Neonek on Bratabase after having tried the SM.  The BM arrived before the SF I ordered around the same time (SF Trapez).  I had been a bit concerned with how the SF would fit and had heard it fit similarly to a BM.  I got the BM Neonek in 65E which is a cup smaller than I get in Ewa's padded styles.

The BM Neonek is a neon pink made from a sheer mesh under layer with lace on top, the upper section of the lace is stretch lace.  It is a 3 part cup with one horizontal and one vertical seam. The BM is supposed to give a bit more natural shape as opposed to the very lifted and projected look of the SM.  I feel like the BM may give a slightly more minimized look instead of a very projected look like the SM.  I'm not sure why, but in the SM I get a flattening at near the underwire that causes an odd indentation, I'm assuming a bit more immediate depth is needed, otherwise I do like the SM, but because of this I don't plan to purchase them.

The BM Neonek has a rather firm band and I can't wear it without an extender or two.  I did however like the overall shape it gave, but also felt the cup may have been a bit small. I emailed Ewa Michalak in regards to this to get some input and was graciously offered a BM and and SF to review.  We didn't discuss styles or anything so it was a surprise when I got the order confirmation.  I got the BM Pantera in 70E as well as the SF Kicia in the same size.

The bras arrived while I was out of town for work so I couldn't wait to get home to try them out.  Both bras fit well, but since this is a review on the BM I will focus on just the BM Pantera for now.  The Pantera has two layers of mesh with stretch lace unlike the Neonek that has mesh and lace with the stretch lace upper section.

The 70E is a much better fit for me than the 65E, the band on the both run a bit on the smaller side of true to size, but the 70 band is perfect for me at 31in stretched.  The cups are a better fit in the 70E as well, they give me just enough extra depth to eliminate the bit of quad I got from the 65E (8.5in).  I had been worried that a cup volume larger would be too big, but it seems to be perfect as do my subsequent BM purchases in 70E (8.8in).

I already mentioned I had subsequent BM purchases so yes, I do love the fit of the BM.  The first time I had read about the BM the thought that it was supposed to be a more natural shape had me a bit worried, but I find it still gives a fairly round shape.  It does have a slight minimizing quality but more so in the way that it doesn't bring the breasts as front and center super projected way like the SM or Cleo.  I don't find the BM to really take  away from your actual size it just spreads out the fullness a bit more.

The BM has a fairly low gore as well at 2.25in.  A low gore is nice when you need a break from taller ones and it is quite comfortable.

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