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My Thoughts on Curvy Kate Galaxy Bikini

curvy kate galaxy

With all the success I've had with various Curvy Kate bras, I really wanted to try their swimwear.  After reviewing the Scantilly set Curvy Kate gifted to me I asked if they might be able to send me a bikini to review as well, they were generous enough to oblige and let me choose the style.  There were several I really liked including the Daze especially the Cross Over Bandeau, Cherry Berry, and High Voltage.  Ultimately I could only pick one and it came down to Daze and Galaxy, I chose Galaxy since it came in a plunge, halter style.  I have a bit of concern with bandeau based styles as they can sometimes be a bit wide and shallow though I can't speak for Curvy Kate's bandeau's since I have not tried one.

The Curvy Kate Galaxy comes in several styles the halter plunge which I chose, a strappy bandeau, and a one piece sharing the strappy design of the bandeau.  The bikini is offered with 2 different bottom options including a side tie brief and a high waist brief.  While I am intrigued by the high waist bottom, I'm was a bit unsure of how I would like that style on myself, so I chose the side tie briefs in a size 8, since my experience with Curvy Kate bottoms is they tend to run a bit big.  Until the bikini had arrived I forgot 8 is equivalent to XS in US sizing and when I  noticed I was a bit worried, but it is a side tie so worst case it would just be a bit cheekier.

curvy kate, galaxy, bikini, sexy, summer, swim, swimwear

Choosing a size for the top was a bit easier.  I'm usually a 30E or 32DD though I have a couple Curvy Kate bras that have me considering a cup size larger.  I decided to go with 32DD since I'm between band sizes and the bikini top doesn't have an adjustable closure.  The only concern I had with the top was that it's a plunge and the only experience I have with a plunge from Curvy Kate was with the Cabaret unlined plunge which was a bit of a shape mismatch, but the Galaxy is padded so I was hoping it would fit differently than the unlined Cabaret plunge.

bikini, curvy kate, galaxy, push up, cleavage, strappy

I rushed off to try on the new Galaxy bikini, I put the top on first and at first it seemed I might have some gaping, but a quick readjustment of the halter strap solved that.  The band is a perfect fit, I'm satisfied with my decision to go with the 32 band, I think a 30 would have been too small for me.  After making adjustments the cups seem to be a pretty good fit as well.  The top also gives a great lift and cleavage.

curvy kate, bikini, halter, swim

Taking measurements for the top I was actually very surprised to see that the wires are quite narrow at 5in, the wires are also very short at about 7.5in.  The cup depth isn't as deep as most my best fitting bras, but considering it is a plunge it may be about average, the depth is 7.75in.  Despite seeming a bit small in the depth department, it has quite a bit of apex projection, though not a ton of immediate depth. The gore is about an inch wide, but since it is a plunge the gore is less than 2in tall so I don't think the width is causing any real issues, it almost looks like it's on a bit of tissue, but I don't feel it. The top also is a 3 part cup with one vertical and one horizontal seam.

curvy kate, galaxy, bikini, swimwear, strappy

Now knowing the top is a great fit, I grab the bottoms to try on.  To my surprise the bottoms fit very well too, they are definitely cheeky, but looking back at the photos of the model, I'm fairly confident this is how they are designed to fit.  It is possible I could have went with a 10 and had a decent fit as well, just perhaps with slightly more coverage, but I'm quite pleased with how the size 8 bottoms fit.  If the high waist brief goes on sale at some point, I may give it a try, but I feel like high waist things aren't super flattering on me, but that could come from shunning high waist bottoms of any type for so long.

curvy kate, galaxy, bikini, swimwear

curvy kate, galaxy, bikini, swimwear

Overall I am very pleased with the Galaxy bikini and will most likely try other Curvy Kate swimwear in the future.

curvy kate, galaxy, bikini, swimwear


  1. I am totally surprised by the measurements and fit of this bikini. The top is much more forward projected than I expected. For some reason, I thought Curvy Kate swimwear gave a kind of low and wide look. I have several Freya bikinis but the gores are too high. I can only wear them for an hour at a time. I have a Cleo plunge tankini, but they've discontinued it. I may want another plunge swimtop this season or next. Good to know sister sizing up in the band worked for you. This is such a fraught area for me, given how bikini top closures don't have adjustable bands. I am still curious about the Galaxy high waisted bottoms. I cannot wear the low rise bottoms at all, so in this model, it'd be high waisted or nothing for me. Please be sure to update if you get the high waist bottoms! I feel that style isn't very flattering on me, either, but it's better than not having matching bottoms or having matching bottoms that slide off because of slim hips!

  2. It's a great fit! I love the pattern and style!