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My Thoughts on Ewa Michalak S Syrena

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Ewa Michalak's S Syrena is the second S model I have tried, I had previously tried the S Pantera (for more detailed fit description read the review for Pantera).  The S Syrena is an absolutely stunning bra with it's deep teal and purple color combo and eyelash lace.  I had seen Syrena for and wanted to try it for a long time, but until I discovered I liked how the S model fit I wasn't ready to buy it.   I did finally come across Syrena in a set for sale on Bratabase and decided to get it, the size is 70E, depending on how the particular model runs I usually get 65F or 70E, though I've been becoming more uncomfortable in 65/30 bands recently with the exception of newer Cleos with stretchy bands.

The bra and panties arrived, and I didn't think it was possible, but Syrena is even more beautiful in person than in photos.  The colors are very vibrant and the oversize bow is a nice change from standard gore decorations. The cups themselves are a deep turquoise, the lace is a navy blue and the bows are deep magenta.  The band is navy blue with the turquoise being used as an accent.  The colors go together beautifully.

ewa michalak, s syrena, beautiful bra, full bust, cleavage, mermaid

Also while the straps especially in this photo appear to be quite wideset, they give me no issues whatsoever.  The material used for the straps seems to be quite soft so perhaps that is why I'm not the least bit bothered by them.  I honestly didn't even realize the straps were wideset until looking at the photos.

As with the other S I tried the Syrena also has nice narrow wires (5.2in) and decently projected cups (8.7in without cookies), even with the cookies in the bra does remain in my IMF (all photos are with cookies.).  The gore is also nice and low.  The band is pretty TTS stretching to 31.5in in 70E, had I went with a 65F I would probably need wear it with an extender for a few wears.

ewa michalak, s syrena, beautiful bra, full bust, cleavage, mermaid

I am so happy that I found this as a set because the panties really complete the look.  The backside of the panties also feature the same oversized bow as the bra.  The panties are also very comfortable.  I can't recall the size I'm wearing, I want to say 36, but I can't find the panties to verify at the moment.

ewa michalak, s syrena, beautiful bra, full bust, cleavage, mermaid, lingerie

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