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Ewa Michalak S Pantera, Finally Trying the S

I had tried one of Ewa Michalak's S models a long time ago when I first started my ABTF journey.  The first one I tried was what I guessed to be a cup size too big 65FF, but for some reason I just never got around to trying another S in a size smaller.  I'm honestly not sure why I didn't try another, I tried many other EM's since, but hadn't give the S a second shot.  From what I remember of the first one, I kind liked it despite it being a bit too big.  Anyhow, I finally decided to give the S another chance.  I found the S Pantera for a decent price on r/braswap and despite not being crazy about the print I decided to try it.  Pantera does look better in person than in most photos I've seen. I think I captured the print pretty well in this close up.

Prior to trying an S in the correct size, my main style for Ewa Michalak was the PL.  I do like the low gore and the cleavage I get from the PL, but sometimes feel as if the wires are a bit wide and the straps too wide set.  For some reason it seems most people in my size range prefer the CH/CHP cut, which just doesn't quite work for me, it fits but I feel unsupported.  With the S, the cups are a bit taller than CH/CHP, but while still being fairly low.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the gore was lower than expected, not PL low, but reduced gore Comexim height perhaps. Although looking at the photos it does look like the gore is sitting on tissue slightly on the right breast (left side in photo), but I didn't notice any discomfort or have any idea until taking photos.  The wires are also narrower or at least feel narrower than the PL (the S is a bit narrower S 5.1in  PL Chalet 5.3in) the straps also seem less bothersome.

So the S in 70E does seem to fit a bit better with the cookies in, but not enough to justify a size down, not that it is available in a 65E.  The one time I tried a 65E in 3D, it was too small, all photos of the S Pantera are with cookies in.  I wore the S Pantera for a full day after receiving it and find it to be possibly my most comfortable EM bra (I have worn it a few more times since and it still remains very comfortable). I am very happy with the S cut and will try more S bras in the future, I already have the Syrena on the way. 

After adding the photos to my blog, I'm actually really loving the Pantera, the color is beautiful and the leopard print is quite subtle.  The S gives a very nice uplifted round shape a bit less cleavage than the PL, but kind of a different style cleavage.  The S is a bit more subtle cakes on a plate whereas the PL is more of a Y shaped cleavage.

S Pantera 70E

PL Chalet 65F

The S also looks great under a shirt. It gives a very round and projected look.

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