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My Thoughts on Meow by Wellfitting

Like everyone else in the bra community, I fell in love with the Meow, cat print bra from Wellfitting.  I was fortunate to have a couple coupon codes from referrals so I was able to get a bit of a discount.  I ordered the bra in Wellfitting size 32G which is the same as Comexim 70G.  The Wellfitting calculator had put me in 32DDD, which I almost chose, but I decided to email Wellfitting and ask and they said to go with the equivalent to my usual Comexim size, which in my case happens to be the same letter.

Wellfitting wasn't offering the choice for customization, which I usually do get at least a lowered gore and straps moved in on Comexim's 3HC cut.  I decided to contact Comexim directly about this and was happy to hear I could send them my order number and request alterations.  Requesting the alterations does take away the ability to return the bra, I wasn't concerned about this since I know my Comexim sizing and alterations my only concern was how the Wellfitting sizing compared.

The bra and matching panties finally arrived and I couldn't wait to try it on.  The bra does fit very well and identically to a Comexim 70G.  The band does seem to run a bit big compared to my 70 bands from Comexim, but it does have 4 sets of hooks and it fits on the 2nd set nicely (It stretches to 31.5 so a bit more TTS).  I got the panties in medium and they fit pretty well, but a bit larger than my other Comexim panties in medium.

wellfitting meow
The overlapping gore really brings the girls together.

When I contacted Comexim with my order number to request alterations I had only requested the gore be lowered 2cm.  When it the bra arrived I did notice that the gore appeared to be overlapping as well. I've received a few bras from Comexim with this alteration although I hadn't requested it and have never really minded it.  I don't think I necessarily need the overlapping gore, but it does allow for some extra cleavage.  I have noticed that with overlapping gores that the gore will sometimes roll more towards one breast.

The straps also feel nice and narrow, which I typically request straps moved in 2cm, but didn't do so this time.  I'm not sure if since I have requested the 2cm strap alteration in the past that Comexim just went ahead and did it or if it's part of the design agreement they have with Wellfitting. Another blogger (Short 'N Stacked)  also mentioned the straps seem to be quite narrow as well.  Regardless this makes me and my armpits quite happy.

The cup edge of the Meow is a bit different from other 3HC styles as they usually have a ribbon or lace trim at the top this particular style has a thinner trim that is a bit more closed off.  I don't have any major issues with this, but if you are very FOT keep this in mind.  During my larger time of the month I do get some slight bubbling on my larger side, and during my smaller time, the bit of gapping on my smaller side is a bit more noticeable. Neither issue bothers me, but something to keep in mind, and knowing Comexim, I'm sure if you wanted a different trim they would accommodate.

Something that wasn't noticeable in the photos on Wellfitting of the Meow is the subtle wave pattern in the fabric.  I want to say that the wave print is what is on Comexim's Mimi. I'm not sure why they felt the need to add this to the bra, but it is subtle enough that you don't really notice it.

If you look closely you can see the subtle wave pattern.

The fit is quite similar to all  my other 3HC bras from Comexim with the only differences being from the alteration of the overlapping gore and the different trim.  I also got the matching thong, there is also a high rise brief available.

Overall I am very pleased with the Meow.  Other than Wellfitting not offering any customizations and having to contact Comexim with the order number,  the only downside is the price point of bras from Wellfitting.  Wellfitting used to have a US return address and do unlimited exchanges so that was benefit especially for those new to Comexim, and for some a justification for the price. However, they no longer have the US returns address, so returns aren't cheap.  For regular styles I will stick to ordering direct from Comexim and may buy from Wellfitting for special prints.  If you would like to order from Wellfitting, my referral link will save you 10%.

As soon as I track down the panties from the wash I will try to add photos of the whole set.

Update:  Wellfitting has a new Unicorn print available and is offering alterations directly.  Now you won't have to email Comexim after placing your Wellfitting order.
 Unicorn Demi 3HC
Unicorn Demi 3HC

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