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Anna Pardal Lady Grey Sophisticate Cut

I got this bra from A Sophisticated Pair after exchanging a couple other bras that didn't work for me, she didn't have any other sizes of the previous 2 bras I tried so I decided to try Lady Grey in the Sophisticate cut (straps moved in 2cm, cups reduced 2cm, and gore lowered 2cm which are also my standard alterations for Comexim, remember you may need to size up a cup with these alterations, 65G (30F) is a bit small on me and I quad, 65H (30FF) no alterations can be to tall my Comexim plunge comaprison). I wasn't crazy about Lady Grey from photos I had seen online, but it arrived and it is beautiful. By the way Erica is amazing and extremely helpful.

The band on Lady Grey does run small (about a band size) and I had read that it did, but Erica didn't have any Lady Greys in a 32F so I decided I might as well try the 30FF. The band does run tight, but fits fine with an extender. The cups are a perfect fit on me. I feel like this is probably as close to a custom fit bra I could get!

I'm not sure if it is standard in this size, but this bra also features thinner straps, unlike my Dottie 3HC the straps on Lady Grey do have some texture so they stay put and don't need adjusted.  I do love the thinner straps with the 2cm strap alterations because as you can see my armpits are far from danger andpart of what makes this super comfy.  It does have a 3x3 fastener, but the wings are still low at 3.5 inches, I thought the 3x3 on my Irish Coffee 3HC (4in) could have been the cause of taller side wings, but perhaps not.

I also got a matching thong, A Sophisticated Pair had a Lady Grey thong on in their final sale section in a small. She held it for me until I could see if the Lady Grey bra would fit. Since the bra fit great I had to get the thong, although I was quite worried that the thong would be too small. I usually order medium in Comexim panties (small works but usually digs a bit), and since the band on Lady Grey runs small I thought for sure these would be on the small side. The small does actually fit quite well, they are a bit higher rise, but I can position to not be as high and the backside at least at the top is a bit more like a rio style than a a regular thong (for reference I'm measure 31in at hipbone and 37in at hips). I am quite happy with them though and they go great with the bra, although I almost think they would pair better with the halfcup Lady Grey with the trim at the top of the cup.

Update: I love this bra because it fits great, but somehow the pattern shows through a lot of my shirts. I mostly wear fitted knit shirts and thin t-shirts. The other day I was wearing a red t-shirt and apparently it is super thin fabric, because when I caught a glimpse in the mirror while in a restroom I noticed you could see the pattern of the bra.  Grr!! I need to buy different shirts, or just accept that people might see the print on my bra, it's cute dammit so I might go with the latter option.

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