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Fun and Flirty Comexim Dottie 3HC

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I received this bra in a swap, I had been looking at the Dottie every time I've ordered from Comexim, but never ordered it, I guess I thought the bold colors weren't practical or something.  However when the I was offered it on a swap, I jumped on it.  It's cute and a 3HC, I realize this is the first 3HC I have reviewed, but I love the cut.  I can order the 3HC and not need a multiple alterations, straps moved in 2cm is nice, but not an absolute necessity like my alterations to the plunge style are.  I will try to do a comparison of a plunge, altered plunge, and 3HC here soon.

I am so glad I finally got this bra, not only is it super cute and girly, but it is a perfect fit.  I haven't had it on long, but it instantly gave me the feeling of being made for my boobs, much like my AP Lady Grey Sophistcate.  Like the Lady Grey the Dottie also utilizes a thinner strap at least in this size.  I wasn't told of any alterations, but my guess would be this has had the straps moved in because the strap placement in quite similar to other Comexims and AP's that I have the straps moved in on (I did confirm with the previous owner that straps had been moved in 2cm).  I wasn't sure about the thinner straps which my Lady Grey plunge also has, but the combination of thinner straps and having them moved in is really nice, especially if you've been wearing a bra with wider set straps and your armpits need a break.  Whenever I place my next Comexim order I will definitely be getting matching panties for this bra, it is too cute not to have matching undies.  I actually think this print would make a really cute swimsuit.

This being one of several 3HC styles I have I will say that this one seems to fit just slightly different from others.  The thinner straps are probably part of it.  I also think that another part is that my Irish Coffee 3HC has a 3x3 closure whereas this is the smaller/thinner version of the 2 hook.  My Irish Coffee has a 4in wing whereas the Dottie has a 3.6in wing.  The slightly shorter wing does keep it completely away from my armpits, so I may start requesting the smallest 2 hook closure or request the wing height.  My Irish Coffee 3HC is perfectly wearable, but is a bit close to my armpits, the wires on Irish Coffee are also .2in wider as well, some of the difference could be that I went up to a 70G in the Irish Coffee, mostly due to the lace continuing on the band which can make the band a bit tighter.


I absolutely love this bra, I am about to place a Comexim order soon and I emailed them because I was wanting to get some AP bras and needed pricing.  I mentioned I wanted to get a Dottie thong and I just heard back that they are out of fabric. I did manage to track down a pair at Bra Obsessed, they only had large, but I got them anyhow, and luckily they fit.

 I have worn this bra on quite a few occasions now, and while the colors are bold and I have to be a bit selective with my shirt choice (me and my thin knits and t-shirts are the enemy of my cute bras).  This bra is extremely comfy and fits very well.  The only downside is that the straps are smooth and have no texture so I occasionally have to readjust them, but they are very easy to adjust so it's not really an issue.  The band on this also seems to be on the quite TTS  at about 30in, but the tension is a bit off between the elastic and the fabric, so if i'm going to wear it longer I sometimes use an extender.

Comexim Dottie Half Cup 65H

* Stretched band length: 30.0in
* Band length: 22.5in
* Cup width: 5.3in
* Cup depth: 8.5in
* Wire length: 9.3in
* Cup separation: 0.6in
* Cup height: 5.6in
* Gore height: 2.5in
* Wing height: 3.6in
* Strap width: 0.5in
* Hooks: 2

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