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Comexim Pioson Ivy Plunge

I got the Comexim Pioson Ivy in a swap on Bratabase in a 70G, this does have alterations but no reduced cup height.  The alterations include cookie pockets and an overlapping gore. Normally I wouldn't try a plunge in this size without reduced cups, but the cookie pockets made me take a shot.  
I've seen Pioson Ivy in quite a few blogs and I was never 100% sure on the aesthetics of it.  As with many bras though it does look better in person.  I especially love how it looks with my red hair (which is currently in need of fresh color). :)

with cookies

First I tried it on without the cookies, of course it gaped quite a bit especially center of the cup.  As you can see the cups are also quite tall on me they measure 6.4in.

70G without cookies
without cookies

I'm not sure if it has to do with the overlapping gore wires, or if something else is going on, but the wires also seem to be a bit on the wider side than is typical for a Comexim Plunge 5.3in vs. about 5in of my other Comexim plunges in this or sister sizes. 

without cookies, you can also see the wire is a bit on the wider side for Comexim

As I mentioned at the beginning, this was ordered with cookie pockets.  If you order a Comexim with cookie pockets it does not come with cookies, but Ewa Michalak's PL cookies work very well and I sure there are other cookies that would work too.  The fabric used for the cookie pockets is amazingly soft too. You ca also see the overlapping gore wires here.

cookie pockets

With the cookies the fit does get a bit better although it is still not an ideal fit by any means.  My boobs are no longer lost in the cups. Although I feel like the underwire isn't perfectly in my  IMF and is sitting a bit low (adding cookies does make a bra a bit shallower), but the bottom of the cup felt a bit strange without cookies as well almost like it was too big, but too shallow at the same time, I'm guessing the wire width might be what was making it feel too large while still feeling kind of shallow.

with cookies

with cookies
I also have a bit an of an issue with the overlapping gore, I really have to try to position the gore in order to prevent it from sitting awkwardly on one tissue of one breast. This is something I noticed more with the cookies than without.  I have had some other Comexim's with overlapping gores and they also didn't work very well for me.  I'm not sure why it doesn't quite seem to work for me since I am somewhat close set when supported.  Perhaps it would work better if the gore were also lowered.  Anyhow I think I will stick to standard gore width and lowered gore since it seems to work for me.

with cookies, and you can kind of see the gore sitting crooked as well as some of the gaping
The Pioson Ivy is a beautiful bra and it's a shame it didn't work out for me.  I did fall in love with the look of it once I actually put it on.  Online I hadn't been a huge fan, but when I was able to swap for it, I figured I would see what the fuss was about, and I am a fan.  I have seen a custom order Pioson Ivy 3HC and the lace runs up higher on the cup, and I really liked the look of it so maybe I will try that someday or even the plunge with my regular alterations, if Comexim doesn't run out of fabric for it first.

Comexim Pioson Ivy Plunge Bra (353) 70G

* Stretched band length: 29.5in
* Band length: 23.3in
* Cup width: 5.3in
* Cup depth: 8.8in
* Wire length: 9.5in
* Cup separation: 0.5in
* Cup height: 6.4in
* Gore height: 2.8in
* Wing height: 3.5in
* Strap width: 0.7in
* Hooks: 2

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