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Victoria's Secret Sports Bras

So I was with an unbravangelized friend :( at the mall last week.  She insisted on going to VS, since the Semi Annual Sale is wrapping up and a lot of bras are on sale for around $15.99.  I decided to browse the 32DD/DDD bins since I was in there and had nothing else to do.  I apologize for the dark and kind of lousy photos, VS fitting rooms have awful lighting.

The straps on this one are quite wide, I don't remember them feeling irritating, but I only had it on a few minutes.
I came across some sports bras in 32DD and the bands looked like they ran on the smaller side (at least for VS), since I'm between a 30/32 a small 32 is a decent fit.  I tried on the sports bras and they actually fit somewhat decently.  I did go ahead an put them on the tightest hook.  I don't think they ran as small in the band as I expected, the lowest part of the band sits closer to high waist which may be why it looked smaller.

The underwire section of both styles I tried on has a thick padding over the wire, I feel this may be part of the reason I don't feel super supported.  It seems to be in my IMF, but I think the extra padding on the wire is making it feel like it's not and therefore seeming a bit less supporting.  It could also be that the band could be a bit tighter and then maybe it would feel more supportive.

The wires are still on the wider side like most VS bras, but these do seem to be decently projected.  Here you can see the wires are too wide for me.  While they are too wide they didn't feel uncomfortable.

While they look and even feel like a pretty good fit, I don't feel like it gives as much support as a sports bra should.  If you want a sports bra for light activity, or don't need a ton of support this could be a good option, and if you are interested you might want to run to VS to stock up before they run out of the ones on sale.  Of course they still only have the typical VS size range, but that does go to DDD (UK E), so if you are close to a matrix size,it might be worth a try.

I decided not to purchase and didn't have a measuring tape, so I don't have measurements for these bras. 

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