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Aerie Swimwear, a Pleasant Surprise

After going out shopping with my friend, and almost bravangelizing her (she wants padding, and what she tried was only lightly padded or unlined, no measurements but guessing about a 30C or 28D), I decided to try to look up some padded options. I came across a few recommendations of Aerie for small band small bust.  While browsing I got distracted by a $10 swimwear sale.

Needless to say I dropped my mission of looking at bras for my friend and decided to see how many cup sized bikini tops they have to choose from.  Sadly their swimwear size range is not so great from what I could tell mostly 32-36 A-D with not all cups available each band (then again some it is late in the bikini buying season, so some sizes might be out of stock) which is quite disappointing since their bras have a larger size range than that.  They do have XS-XXL for their non cup sized swimwear though, more on that in the section on Perky Triangles.

Since I couldn't find anything in a 32DD, I looked for tops that were available in a 34D. I realized I could search and see which American Eagle near me had that size in stock.  Being very unfamiliar with how Aerie bras or bikini tops run, I really wanted to try something on and not blindly guess what a size might work and order online.

Since I have some time off work at the moment and the store that had it in stock is nearby I decided to swing by and try on some bikinis.  The store inventory locater actually worked they had several 34D's in stock in that style.  I grabbed the one I had seen as well as a couple others.  There is a string bikini style I had also seen online that comes in XS-XXL, there wasn't much of a description and the name was intriguing, so I grabbed the only one I could find and it happened to be a Medium (probably the size I would have picked had I had options).  I also found a cute bandeau style with sleeves, super cute thought it had no chance of working, but also grabbed it in a medium

Blakely Wraparound in 34D

I really almost didn't recognize this top on the hanger.
So before I get to photos of me in this top, I realize now I didn't tie the thing quite right (I'm really not very good with strappy, lace up, tie things lol).  Also I apologize for the grainy photos, dressing rooms have such awful lighting.

Blakely Wraparound 34D

Despite my lack of top tying skills you can see that it is actually a fairly decent fit.  I do have to slightly reverse scoop after doing a full scoop an swoop as the gore just very slightly will sit on some tissue on one side without the slight reverse scoop.  It I did pull the wraparound piece somewhat tightly to make up for the band being a bit too big on me, which doing this does give slightly more cleavage as well.  The gore is a bit on the wide side and I think by tying this tighter it brings a bit closer together as well.

Here's a shot with it tied looser, with it tied loose I was questioning if I could go down a cup
Overall I think the fit is pretty decent at least for a bikini, I'm not expecting as much from a bikini top as I am a bra.  The wires look like they are a bit wide, and it doesn't feel particularly supportive, if I was actually a 34D this could be a different story.  When I pulled the band tighter it did seem like it was more supportive.  The underwires aren't perfectly in my IMF, but I think that's partially because the band is a bit loose because the top is actually pretty well suited for projection.

The wires look wide, but I think it's an illusion somehow, the cup width is 5in.

I tried it with the matching bottoms in medium.
I did end up ordering the Blakely top later that evening at home. It was part of Aerie's $10 swim sale with free shipping (It's going on through 7/6).  Here are some pictures with better lighting from home (I think I tied the top right?)

Before tying to give a better view of fit and the gore.

I have this on the tightest of the 3 adjustments, the band does only easily stretch to 31.

I also took some measurments of the Blakely and entered it on Bratabase.  Despite the wires looking like they are wide, they surprisingly measure 5in, the band does run a bit more like a 32 than a 34 though still feels a bit loose to me, I'm assuming because the swim material is a rather stretchy feeling material.  If this came in 32DD the band would probably be perfect on the loosest adjustment.

If you are in the size range of the Blakely and are narrow and projected and looking for an affordable cup size bikini top I highly recommend the Blakely (also comes in a non wraparound style).

Perky Triangles

Next up was the Perky Triangles, which is basically a more structured string bikini top with a thicker bottom string, almost like a pseudo band (although other styles have a thinner "band").  It comes in sizes XS-XXL, I tried it in Medium.

Perky Triangles in Medium

I'm actually quite impressed with the Perky Triangles.  When I was a bit smaller I would mostly really wear string bikini tops (usually in a smaller size,to look bustier).  However a couple cup sizes up and I'm not a huge fan of regular old string bikinis despite being fairly self supporting.  I must say I really like this, would have liked to try it in a large just to see how much a difference there would be, I'm fine with this amount of cleavage, but in case I wanted less, or wanted more sideboob coverage.

No quadding, but a good amount of side boob

Perky Triangles size Medium
Since this top has no underwire and it ties, it could be adaptable for quite a few sizes.  Especially since this top comes in XS-XXL. This is great option especially for those in the small band medium/full bust community that want an affordable somewhat easy to find option, many of these are on sale online for $10 and free shipping until 7/4/16.

Sleeve Tube Bikini Top

The last top I tried, I really had no hope so it working, the Sleeve Tube Bikini Top, it's a bandeau style with sleeves.

I thought it was different and cute which is why I decided to give it a shot.  I tried it in a medium. 

Sleeve Tube Bikini Top size Medium
From the photo above you can kind of see it's a bit wrinkly.  This would probably more ideally fit a 34ish band that way the top would be a snugger fit around the ribcage.  It surprisingly seems covers everything and it does look cute.  My main concern would be the top riding up since the band (tube?) isn't tight enough.  I did look at a small and I don't think a small would have enough coverage and would look more like a censor bar than a bikini top (I guess I should have tried on a small for fun).

Aerie Sleeve Tube Bikini Top size Medium
Aerie Slevee Tube Bikini Top size Medium
From the side views you can see I'm kind of at the end up the volume range the medium can handle.  There is no lining or padding in this top which probably helps it to be a bit more accommodating of different sizes.  If Aerie could make something like this with a tie back I think it would open this top up to working on more sizes.  I'm between a 30/32 and find the top too loose fitting for it to feel secure enough for more than casual poolside lounging, I don't think I would brave the water in this, and definitely no water slides.

Overall Aerie does seem to have decent selection of swimwear.  I would be great if they could expand their sizing to the same as their current bra offerings, but if you are on the cusp of a matrix size they have some options.  Also if you are okay with a somewhat more supportive version of a string bikini the Perky Triangles seems like a pretty versatile option.

While I didn't purchase, it wasn't because I didn't like the fit, but because while most the swimwear was on sale, it wasn't $10 like it is online.  I did end up buying the Blakely Wraparound on the Aerie website, I wanted Perky Triangles too, but the one I really wanted must have sold out and I wasn't sure about the other since it had a center decoration that I was worried wouldn't tack (I also just ordered 4 bras from Comexim, so I really don't need to spend anymore money).  Although I will have to go back to American Eagle for the bottoms since my size is sold out online, but I think the bottoms come out to about $10 after the 60% off.

Update: Since I had to go back to American Eagle to by the bottoms to go with Blakely, I did end up also purchasing the Perky Triangles top.  With the 60% off that one was $10 like it would have been if any were left online to order.  I do a think a large would be a slightly more covered fit, but I don't mind showing some cleavage in a bikini. and compared to an old string bikini top that no longer fits me, it's a lot more coverage.

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