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Freya Tootsie Halter Bikini Top

I'm not sure why, but I'm really trying to find a great bikini top (I rarely go anywhere to wear one, but I want a good fitting one for those rare occasions).  I ordered the Freya Tootsie Halter top prior to trying the Aerie bikinis.

I thought the Tootsie was really cute and I found it on ebay for a reasonable price.  I had purchased a couple Freya bikini tops on vacation last year in the Florida Keys, but they weren't a great fit since nothing in my actual size was on clearance and I bought the closest thing.  Since then I wanted to try a Freya top that was in my size. 

Freya has a pretty good swimwear selection and a lot of really cute stuff.  Tootsie is no disappointment in the styling.  It's just as cute as I had hoped. The pink is a bit more vibrant than expected, but I like it. In the Tootsie I went with a 30E, I was debating on a 32DD instead since I am between band sizes and the top only has a plastic closure with no adjustments. 

Here it looks like a pretty decent fit.  If you look closely you will notice the gore isn't tacking and is sitting on tissue a bit.  If the gore were a bit narrower it would probably tack. 

In the next couple photos it still looks decent, the wires are a quite wide and I think the tie portion of the halter could start a bit lower (I feel like it's somewhat full coverage).  I also don't feel like it's giving much lift or shape, if I tie the halter tighter it is better but I have to do so to quite an extreme and it's no longer comfortable.  The underwires also feel like they are floating a bit which again tying it tighter helps but it isn't comfortable.

 In the next photo you can kind of see that the cleavage I'm getting is actually slight quadding.  The elastic on the cup edge digs in quite a bit.  If I reverse scoop I can get rid of it some, but I would prefer some cleavage (actual cleavage,  not deceptive quadding) in a bikini top.  If it didn't do a werid smoosh and quad thing, I wouldn't mind it, but the combo is of quadding and being smooshed is annoying. (much worse in person than photos)

 Finally, it's a really good thing I went with the 30E and not the 32DD.  Keep in mind I measure 30.5 comfy underbust, and don't think I've ever had a 30 band that was too big.  I'm also not pulling this back really hard either.  The material is very stretchy and easily stretches to 32in without wire distortion, and could stretch a bit further but then wires start to distort a bit.  I did have another Freya bikini in a 28 band and the band on that was TTS/small, so I don't think this is typical of all Freya bikini tops, but for this one I would advise sizing down in the band.

 I really like the style of this top, but I'm not a huge fan of how it fits on me. I think this would be better for someone who has somewhat wide roots is shallow and wide set without much center fullness.  There is not much immediate projection in this which I think is part of what causes the wires to float on me, and may contribute to the quad boob as well.

 Freya Swim Tootsie Bandless Halter Bikini Top (3601) 30E

* Stretched band length: 32.0in
* Band length: 23.5in
* Cup width: 5.8in
* Cup depth: 8.5in
* Wire length: 9.6in
* Cup separation: 1.0in
* Gore height: 1.3in
* Wing height: 3.0in
* Strap width: 2.0in
* Hooks: 1

Full details at:

I have found a couple tops that fit better and give the look I prefer in a bikini top.  Check my review on Aerie Bikinis.

There is plenty of selection of Freya on Amazon, both swimwear and bras.

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