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32DD Aerie Sunnie Full Coverage- Sensationally Soft

Sunnie Full Coverage in Royal Navy, stock photo from Aerie

After trying out a few Aerie bikinis, including one bra sized top, I was intrigued by how their bras might fit.  I had tried the Blakely bikini top in 34D, while the band did run small it was still too big for me.  None of my local American Eagle stores seem to carry any bras in stock (other than a small bralette selection, literally one bralette style in a few colors).  I contacted Aerie and mentioned my interest in their bras, and that I don't have a local store that carries my size or really any bras in stock (they did inform me that all online orders do come with a return slip for free returns).  However Aerie was generous enough to gift me a bra for review.

I got my package while out of town for work, I just got back this morning and tried it on immediately.  Aerie sent me the Sunnie Full Coverage Lightly Lined T-shirt bra in 32DD, also listed as being Real Soft T-shirt bras.  I will not argue with the bra being "Real Soft", everything about the Sunnie is soft and silky smooth feeling including the band. Quite possibly the softest bra I've ever tried one.  Sunnie comes in slightly expanded matrix sizing and is available in 30A-D, 32AA-DDD, 34-38A-DD, and 40C-DD.

If you look at the right side of the photo you can see how tightly I have to adjust the straps.

The band while being incredibly soft is fairly TTS, it stretches to about 32.5 inches.  This is a slightly larger than ideal stretched length for me so this does fit more comfortable on the middle or tightest hooks.  I know many people say Aerie bands run smaller, but that is not the case with the Sunnie, at least not in the navy color I received. 

On the loosest hooks the band rides up slightly.

The Sunnie does have fully adjustable straps, the straps are quite thin, but not crazy stretchy feeling (they are a bit stretchy, but my Comexim Dottie straps feel more stretchy than this), and I don't have to constantly readjust them, they do stay put.  I do however have to tighten the straps almost all the way (I am high set so this might not be an issue if are lower set, see first photo of me in bra for strap adjustment).

The gore is a bit wide for me, but low enough that it isn't sitting on tissue.  The cups are about average width at 5.5in and are actually quite projected (8.5in cup depth), and have decent immediate projection as well.  The top of the cup is a bit closed off so if you are rather FOT this could be an issue, I'm highset and mostly even and it does slightly press in, but not enough to be noticeable under a shirt.

I did feel like the bra wasn't staying in my IMF, but when I took it off the marks were in my IMF, the wires were obviously a bit too wide, but they are not irritating.  Speaking of the wires, they are also quite soft and flexible, good for comfort, but if you need the support of a firmer wire it might not work for you. The wires felt like they were in my IMF more when I tightened the band.  All photos are with band on loosest hook.

Here you can see the slight pressing in of the cup edge and that the wires are slightly too wide.

While Sunnie is an okay fit for me, it doesn't give me a shape I particularly care for, it's quite separated and very east west.  I'm fine with the shape under a looser t-shirt, but not under a fitted shirt. I feel supported, but the bra is most certainly full coverage (6.5in cup height), I'm not a huge full coverage fan.  I do not get the slightest hint of cleavage from the bra either. The bra would be a more ideal fit for me if the gore and wires were a bit narrower.  The Sunnie also comes in a push up version, I'm not sure how much the push up padding will effect the depth of it, but I would probably prefer the push up over the full coverage. 

Despite not being an ideal fit for me, it is still an okay fit.  The fact that this bra is ridiculously comfortable makes up for the few fit issues.  If you are looking for a comfy lounge around/ lazy day bra or seamless t-shirt bra Sunnie might be worth a look if you fall into the size range, there are also quite a few older colors of Sunnie on sale right now as well on Aerie.

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