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Comexim Angel Unlined Balcony vs. 3HC

After getting my Comexim Coco and loving it, I wanted to try more unlined Comexims.  The Angel is a newer release so there wasn't any information on it.  I chose my size based on the fit of my 60H Coco (which is too small in the band for me, but a great fit in the cups),  I decided on 70F.  I was initially going to get the balcony/plunge version in 70G with reduced cups, but Comexim doesn't reduce cups for unlined bras, after being informed of this I asked to change the size to 70F for both the balcony and the 3HC.

The bras arrived along with my Comexim Quail, I had also ordered a new Milk and Honey to replace the one that didn't fit right, but it wasn't included, I emailed and found out that had ran out of fabric, so I got a refund.  Both Angel bras a absolutely beautiful in person, I liked them online, but was unsure of the uppper  lace since the stock photo makes it look like a it is a big contrast between the lace and the mesh, in person they are only a half shade to a shade apart.

On both cuts the Angel is a single layer of mesh with the top of the cup being lace.  The lace is not a stretch lace and is quite firm.  If you are very FOT you may want to size up.  I'm even to slightly FOT and while not really noticeable I do get a slight bit of bubbling on the balcony.   I did request straps moved in 2cm on both bras.

I tried on the balcony first as I was most unsure of how that would fit since I already had an unlined 3HC in a sister size.  The balcony is a pretty good fit.  The lace does close the cup off a bit, and does create some subtle bubbling.  However this isn't noticeable under a shirt so this isn't an issue.  I think a size up would probably be too big unless Comexim would reduce the cups on the unlined bras.  I think that the Angel balcony would fit perfectly in a 70G with reduced cups, if Comexim would reduce the cups on the unlined.

comexim angel, 3hc, comexim, unlined
Here you can see that the cups are a bit too tall near the straps.

comexim, 3hc, unlined, angel, a bra tha fits
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Under a cheap white Wal-Mart Tshirt you can see the lace, but otherwise a great nude bra.

Somewhat natural but rounded and slightly minimized shape.

If I were to reorder the balcony I might try it with a narrowed gore (narrowed not overlapping).  I feel like I'm spaced further apart in this than in a padded plunge, and I would like a bit of cleavage.  Other than that minor issue this bra is very comfortable.  The Coco lace on the entire cup and it is a bit scratchy, but the mesh used on the Angel is very soft and comfortable.  The first day I wore this I was working outside for 12 hours in 90+ degrees, and was comfortable all day.

Then I tried the 3HC Angel, fully expecting it to work just as well as my Coco since this is a sister size.  Unfortunately this doesn't fit like my Coco, I think Coco runs a bit big, and this might run a bit small.  The Angel 3HC is at least a cup too small for. I have quite a bit of quadding and also get some distortion in the side of the cup.  The gore doesn't quite tack and when I press it down the quadding is much worse.

The shape of the 3HC does seem to be a bit more uplifted than the balcony although it's hard to say how much of a difference it would be if the 3HC were the correct size.  I will definitely be reordering, most likely in a 70G.  I do think that even in the correct size the 3HC will be more uplifted and cakes on a plate like cleavage than the balcony, the balcony gives a slightly rounded minimized shape that is a bit more natural. 
As with my previous order the bands do seem to still be running a bit smaller. I sized up to a 70 band on this order because my last order had 65 bands that fit like a 55.  This most recent order didn't run as small,but still on the smaller side.

The color on the Angel is a peferct nude for fair skin, the lace on the upper cup  can show the texture through a tight shirt.  With this being such a good match to my skintone, I'm tempted to see if I can also order it without the lace upper.  I do plan to order Angel again in 3HC and will post updates.  I will add some photos under shirts when I get a chance, I have a hectic work schedule the next few weeks and it's taken me a few days to just get this post together.

Update: I ordered an Angel 3HC in 70G see the review/ comparison here.

Angel Balcony/Plunge 70F
Angel 3HC 70F

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