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Comexim Small Quail 70G

I ordered Small Quail a few months, and just haven't gotten around to reviewing it.  I like that it utilizes neutral colors in an interesting way.  Since discovering proper fitting bras I can't really bring myslef to wear basic "nudes" any more, for whatever reason I always used to just have a couple bras and stick with a "nude" so it could wear it with anything.  Needless to say I no longer have just a couple of boring bras. One of my favorite pseudo "nude" bras is my Comexim Sonia. 

The Small Quail is a light beige color with a light brown lace overlay.  It is absolutely stunning in real life (my photos aren't doing a great job depicting the actual shade of brown). For some reason the lace doesn't seem as smooth as that of Sonia or Irish Coffee, although both of those are 3HC's, and I think some of what I'm noticing is wear the seams meet and not so much the actual lace. Since the seams don't meet in a 3HC they seem less noticeable I guess. That being said the lace and the seams could be somewhat visible under a thin shirt.  For me I don't think I could pull off wearing this bra as a "nude" under a white or light colored thin shirt as the brown is a bit dark for my skin tone.  Regardless I do love how the bra looks and fits.

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Small Quail normally comes as a deep plunge, like Ginger, which is wider and shallow compared to the normal plunge or the 3HC.  For this bra I decided to order it as a standard plunge with the straps moved in 2cm, cups reduced 2cm and gore reduced 2cm.  This is the way I had been ordering most my Comexim's before getting the 3HC cut.

Somehow both the altered standard plunge and the 3HC work nicely for me, most people seem to have one cut that works better for them than the other.  I do think I like the strap placement a bit better on the plunge, but I'm not sure if my 3HC's actually received the 2cm alteration (requested, but it can be hard to tell if it has been done).  This bra also has an overlapping gore (I didn't request it), which doesn't seem to hurt the fit for me, I think I get a bit more cleavage and my breasts sit closer together, but for me the overlapping gore isn't a necessity.

Sorry about the bad lighting, the hotel bathroom isn't an ideal area for photos, but I had the review ready to go and realized I forgot side/angle photos.

The band on this one does run quite firm and I do need to wear it with an extender if I'm wearing it for any amount of time (photos are without an extender).   This is a 70G (equivalent of a 32 band) and it stretches to 29in which is pretty close to my tight underbust measurement so not very comfortable to wear all day without an extender unless I don't plan on breathing.  My other 70 Comexim bands stretch a bit closer to 30-30.5in.  The band material for Small quail is quite firm and much less stretchy feeling than Irish Coffee, Sonia, or Dottie, I think it's similar to the Pionson Ivy material if I remember it correctly.

I also got the matching panties with the bra and they are incredibly comfortable, the lace being on the sides gives a nice fit with the lace being a bit stretchy.  I usually buy thongs and not briefs, but for decided to just try the briefs this time.  I got the panties in a medium and they are a very good fit and medium is the same size I get in their thongs as well.  The panties do seem to be somewhat lower rise (which I prefer) for Comexim, I can't recall if I requested a lower rise or not, I usually do but forget sometimes. 

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