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Update on Comexim Angel 3HC 70F vs 70G

I previously did a review on the Comexim Angel balcony vs the 3HC.  The 3HC ended up fitting much differently than my other unlined 3HC Coco, and was too small.  I reordered the Angel as a 3HC in 70G here is a comparison.  First up an overview of the 70F.  Also, I was a bad bra blogger and forgot to measure the 70G before I sold it, but there are pictures and you can at least see the difference in fit.

I tried the 3HC Angel, fully expecting it to work just as well as my Coco since this is a sister size.  Unfortunately this doesn't fit like my Coco, I think Coco runs a bit big, and this might run a bit small.  The Angel 3HC is at least a cup too small for. I have quite a bit of quadding and also get some distortion in the side of the cup.  The gore doesn't quite tack and when I press it down the quadding is much worse.

3HC Angel 70F
3HC Angel 70F

3HC Angel 70F
3HC Angel 70F

So after my failure with the 70F and my love of t his bra, it's simple but quite pretty I ordered a 70G thinking this would solve my problems and be my perfect unlined nude bra.  I requested it with straps moved in 2cm and a lowered gore, those alterations I believe were done, but the gore is also overlapping (I don't think this causes any issues).

It looks like a decent fit in this photo. 3HC Angel 70G

 In the 70G the straps seem to attach higher up on the cup, and the side of the cup where the strap attaches seems to be taller.  Even though the cups and straps are near my armpits I don't think they would be an issue since the fabric is rather soft.

The real issue I have with this bra is that the upper lace section of the cup.  The lace is not stretch lace and doesn't have much give to it, this causes the lace to press into my upper tissue. This causes some of my tissue to be pushed up out of the cup, flatten where the lace is and then below the lace start to round back out.  This creates a rather lumpy shape.  I do wonder if a standard height or raised gore could help this, but I probably won't try to reorder again.

As much as I love the design and how well the color blends with my skintone, I think I will have to give up on the Angel.  I do wonder if over some time the lace would loosen up, but I can't deal with the shape it gives so I won't be able to test that out. 

The photos don't quite capture the weird shape the bra was giving.  To some extend you can see it in the photos but it seemed much worse in real life.

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