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Curvy Kate Florence

Curvy Kate Florence

After my success with the Curvy Kate Ellace, I really wanted to try out some more Curvy Kate bras.  I knew the Ellace was related to the Bardot cut so I looked for other cuts that were related and came across Florence.  There were some nice fun colors as well as a soft pink which Curvy Kate calls blush.  It just so happened that sometime during my search for other Curvy Kate bras that the Blush Florence in 32DD came down in price so I ordered it.

The Florence unlike Ellace does not have any stretch lace, it's a mesh bottom with a lace upper section, but no stretch.  When the bra first arrived I was at a larger part of my cylce and I thought it seemed a bit small, I checked Amazon and found Florence in a cup size larger it arrived quickly so I was able to compare to my size at that time.  The 32E Florence definitely too big, so it went back immediately, sorry I didn't get pictures of the 32E.

The Blush color of Florence does work very well as a "nude" on my fair skin.     The only downside is the upper lace section is fairly visible through thin shirts, but that really isn't an issue.  The overall fit is amazing, I really can't believe that this fits so well without stretch lace, usually if lace isn't stretchy it gapes or I get pretty obvious in cup quad, that isn't the case with the Florence.

One thing I really love about the newer Curvy Kate unlined bras is that the side wings are super low.  I don't have issues too often (that could also be since I primarily stick with altered Comexims), but there have been some bras that I need to tighten the straps more and just can't because the combo of a wider set strap placement and taller wings or cups feels nearly lethal.

The band on Florence doesn't feel as tight as Ellace, despite it measuring identically.  I think this could have to do with the band on the Ellace having a firmer less stretchy elastic. Both bras fit great, but sometimes with the Ellace if I'm working outside in the heat I will use a bit of an extender with it because it will occasionally feel tight.  Florence on the other hand, I can fairly easily clasp on the tightest hooks, but I wear it on the loosest with no riding up.  It's kind of crazy how much the tension of the elastic can affect how a band feels.

Since I mentioned how well it works as a "nude" for me here are a few shots under a thin white t-shirt.  You can see the seems a bit, and while not visible in the photos the lace can be a bit noticeable as well (very thin $3 Wal-Mart t-shirt).  Florence gives nice rounded shape, but a bit more natural at the the same time.  I think it's fairly similar to the shape that Ellace gives.

Overall I am very happy with my recent Curvy Kate purchases, it's nice to be able to buy a bra and get it in just a few days as opposed to waiting a month.

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