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Curvy Kate Ellace 32DD, Amazing Lift, Shape, and Comfort

Curvy Kate Ellace

I came across the Curvy Kate Women's Ellace while browsing Amazon, and I fell in love with the look of this bra especially in the Black/Champagne colorway. I was hesitant to order because the last Curvy Kate bras I tried hadn't worked out that well for me (Portia and Smoothie).  However it was on sale on Amazon for around $15 in 32DD, most the other sizes were at least double the price or more (I had wanted to get 30E, since my last Curvy Kates felt a bit big in a 32 band, but it wasn't on sale), so I decided to give it a shot worst case scenario I could return it.

The first day I wore it was a 12 hour work day outdoors in the heat.  I don't particularly like trying a bra for the first time when working, but I was really wanting to wear some unlined bras while working and I don't have many yet (my work shirt also limits which ones I can wear without a tank top since it shows some textures quite well).  The Curvy Kate Ellace remained comfortable throughout the entire work day, just the band felt a tiny bit too snug late in the day (it was quite hot and humidity was up).  The band is fairly true to size though, I was quite surprised when I measured it because I really thought it felt like it ran a bit small, but it stretches to about 31.5in (I didn't measure until after the second wear so maybe it loosened up a bit).  The champagne band on the bra is a fairly thick piece of elastic and I think it does quite a bit to make the bra feel very supportive and firm despite stretching a bit larger than I usually prefer.

The cups are mesh and lace, the mesh part has 2 pieces of mesh and provides a good amount of lift and shaping.  The lace also seems to start a bit higher up than other bras. The top of the lace has a very thin piece of elastic to help the lace lay flatter.  On me it slightly presses in, but it doesn't cause any bubbling or anything, the seam where the mesh meets the lace also presses in on tissue slightly, but doesn't seem to cause any issues.  In Cleo Minnie and Marcie I do get in cup quad. The wires are also quite narrow at 5.2 inches and it has a good amount of projection.

The Ellace gives a very uplifted and round shape, and it doesn't push so much in from the sides the way Cleos (Update: I've tried some new Cleos and don't have this issue) do on me.  It doesn't really seem to be the  least bit minimizing either.  I really love how the Ellace fits and the shape it gives.  It is extremely comfortable (I wore it at work again today and it didn't start feeling too snug, I think it was cooler out today so maybe that had an effect on how the band felt by the end of the day), I really wasn't conscious of wearing it at all.  Even most of my Comexims and Ewa Michalaks aren't this level of comfortable.  I kind of wish I had a bought a second one while they were on sale.

Ellace comes in several other colorways as well, Latte, White, Navy, and Crimson .  While it looks amazing in photos, I love it even more in person especially after putting it on.  I really want to get another one (or more) of these, I would love to try the Latte (hopefully it's not too dark to work as a nude for me).

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