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Bra Size Bralette from Dreams and Underthings

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30F Bralette by Dreams and Underthings

I've been looking for a bralette for awhile now and haven't found one that fits in both cup and band from the standard XS-XL sizing bralettes come in.  I usually find a cup that fits in a M/L but the bands are too large, and if I tighten up the straps the back is riding up.  I have been a reader of Dreams and Underthings brog for awhile now and remembered reading her post about making her own bralette and later finding out she was starting to sell bra sized bralettes. Being fed up with trying to find a non bra sized bralette I decided to contact her.  She uses UK sizing and asked my current UK size (well, at this point I mostly wear mostly Polish), I told her my current sizes Ewa Michalak (65F), Comexim (70G) and the couple UK bras (Freya in 30E and Curvy Kate in 32DD) I have around. She recommended I go with the 30F.

Laura was on vacation when I initially contacted her, but we discussed colors, and band length, I decided on the midline and nude with black lace overlay.  I wanted something pretty that could also possibly be a decent neutral.  I was pleasantly surprised in how quickly I received the bralette.  I had initally contacted her around August 6 and placed the order around the 11th, and it arrived by around the 20th.  This seems like an amazing turnaround time for a handmade, made to order bralette.

I absolutely love the look of this bralette, at some point I was second guessing my thoughts on the beige/black combo, but was very happy with it when it arrived.  It seems to be quite well made and I'm glad that we decided on the 30F size.  The only issue I have is that the midline length might not be the best for my shape. I do have a bit of rib flare so while I measure 30.5 underbust, just below I measureabout 31.5, this causes the part of the band on that goes just across my ribcage is a bit too snug in that area.  I can wear it with an extender and alleviate the tension in that area until the band stretches out a bit.  When I order again I will probably get the regular length.

The cups are a single seam triangle cut, and while the top of the cup where the strap attaches is a bit high it causes no discomfort issues, because the wings are very low and the part of the cup that comes up higher is very narrow.  When laid flat it seems like the cups would be a bit wide (6.5in) but if you shape the cup a bit as if your breast was in the cups it becomes much narrower at roughly 5.25in (it's harder to measure this way as I have to try to keep some shape to the cup and measure), this being said the wireless cup offers some flexibility for it to fit a decent variety of shapes since it can kind of conform to your shape to some degree. The cup itself is about 8.5in deep. 

I also give an acceptable shape under a shirt, slightly minimized but still fairly round with just a touch of east west.

I would highly recommend Dreams and Underthings bralettes if you are looking for a better fitting bralette that still offers good support.  It's also great that you can get a custom look.  You get to choose your colors as well as strap, bow and trim colors.

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