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Tutti Rouge Nichole, A Second Try 2 Cups Down 30D

 This is my second attempt of the Tutti Rouge Nichole, my first try was with a 30E read the review here.  This time, I'm trying 2 cups down to a 30D, I thought about sizing down in  the band since they also run large, but I've been preferring my bands not as tight recently and with a 30.5in underbust, even an actual 32 band shouldn't ride up.

I contacted Tutti Rouge with my review of the Nichole in 30E, and explained my concerns with the fit and sizing.  With a bit of their input and my research on Bratabase measurements, we decided on 30D.  They asked if it would be alright for them to send me both a Nichole and Lilliana, for their own research purposes they chose to send Lilliana also as a 30D (Lilliana is known to be shallow and I would have chose a different size).  Much to my surprise Tutti Rouge sent me current colorways, I was expecting older ones.  I received the Nichole in Noir/Creme, it is black with cream color lace, stitching and accents, the bow is a subtle leopard print. 

I had high hopes of getting a Nichole that would fit, and I am absolutely in love with this color combo (I do have a bit of a thing for beige/black combos, and I'm not sure why).  I really thought that with the amount of space remaining in the 30E a 30D would be the way to go thinking 30DD would still be too large.  There is no gaping this time, and there's no quad.  From the front this so far looks like a decent fit.  Look at the absolutely adorable leopard bow on the gore, it's adds an unexpected fun element while still meshing well with the overall look of the bra.

The problem comes when you look at the side.  In the upper picture it's obvious it is too small and either there is an apex mismatch going on, or the double  layer mesh meeting with the single layer doesn't align well.  I'm really not quite sure which is the actual issue.

Now for the fit aspect that bothers me the most.  The side of the bra seems to be pushing very firmly into tissue and flattening it out.  Perhaps there isn't enough space for outer fullness, although that could be a different story in a size up.  The issue becomes more apparent under a shirt, you can see it's causing all sorts of lumps and bumps. Because of this push on the outer fullness it's also creating a bit of a pointy shape. 

The Nichole does offer narrow wires and a lot of projection, I mean I don't know how many 30D bras I could even remotely fit into without serious quadding.  The band on this does still run closer to a band up this one stretches to 31.5, which for me isn't really an issue, I think my ideal band would be 31in so I need tight 32's or stretchy 30's, so if your are on the smaller side of your band size, or size up for comfort you may want to size down in the band on this one, and probably size down one cup.  If you get lucky and pick the correct size and it's a good shape match you will have an adorable piece of lingerie.  I love the attention to detail Tutti Rouge has with their signature heart shape sliders and their coordinated bows with an unexpected design.

So I still love the look of the Tutti Rouge Nichole, and am holding out a small hope that a 30DD might be the magic size I need for my ideal fit.

Amazon now sells several Tutti Rouge models including Nichole, you can also purchase previous season colorways from Tutti Rouge currenlty 15GBP for bras and 5GBP for panties.

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