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Tutti Rouge Nichole 30E, 1st Attempt


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Tutti Rouge Nichole

Since I first learned of Tutti Rouge, I was dying to try some of their bras.  It took quite sometime before I got the chance to try one out though since ordering direct is quite expensive with shipping to the US (although they do have sales on occasion with discounts for buying multiple bras).  Tutti Rouge makes some extremely cute bras and have their signature touch of heart shaped sliders which are adorable.

I came across the Tutti Rouge Nichole in 30E on Bratabase and swapped for it despite the measurements seeming a bit too big for me.  I know unlined bras can be tricky to get a depth measurement on so I took a gamble on it and hoped it was maybe mis-measured or that it being a bit wider it would make up for some extra depth.

So I received the bra and it was definitely too big for me.  This runs at least a cup and a half big and the band runs a bit large as well.  The band wasn't a major concern for me since I'm between a 30/32 (comfy underbust being 30.5), and the band stretched to around 31.  The cups on this have a depth 9.5in and a width of 5.4in (my ideal is between 8-9 depending on cup width and cut of the bra). 

From the front you can tell it doesn't really fit, but it's not obvious just how big it is on me.

 Here's how it looks when I pull the cup away to show how much of it isn't filled.

Based on what I know about Tutti Rouge from other reviews is that most of their cuts are wide and shallow.  The Nichole is very projected, and it is slightly narrow to average width.  I passed this bra onto to another blogger The Photog's Brog who is typically a 28FF and the cups on this did fit her, but weren't quite perfect for her.   She has much better photos so you can get a better appreciation of the colors and detaling. She did alter the band to get a better fit as well.  If you are projected and can work with average width wires this bra could work for you, but size down in the cup a size or two depending on your shape and if you at the smaller end of your band size, size down in the band as well.

I would really love to try the Nichole again, I'm guessing a 30D could possibly work, but I'm not really sure.  I am also absolutely in love with the Nude/Black Nichole I've seen that is available now.

Update: I've tried Nichole in 30D you can read that review here.

Tutti Rouge is now available on Amazon in current colorways.

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