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60H Comexim Coco, Great Unlined Bra

Comexim Coco, stock photo from website

I had been eyeing the Coco for quite some time now, but I am quite picky about unlined bras and there isn't a whole lot of information on Comexim's unlined bras either.  I finally decided to buy it when I saw it listed on Bratabase for a decent price, and I really didn't want to order this one direct and wait a month or two before being able to see if I would even like it (super picky about unlined bras).

The bra arrived and I was a bit concerned if it would fit because I usually wear 65H in Comexim 3HC and the same in plunge but with reduced cups.  It also happened to arrive the same day as my period, so my boobs are a bit larger.  Since I did get a 60H (being able to get it and not have to wait and worry about it for a month made me not care that it's a band or so small) I counted on  having to wear this with an extender, it is fairly TTS at least at 28in so at least it isn't a triple extender situation (not that I try to do that but a recent Comexim order had a 65 that fit like a 55 or small 60).

I grabbed an extender and went ahead and tried it on.

From the front it looks like a perfect fit, and it is quite a good fit.

comexim, comexim unlined, comexim 3hc, unlined bra, a bra that its
Comexim Coco 60H

From this angle you can see just the slightest hint of bubbling.

The bra seems to be quite projected especially at the wire more so than the padded 3HC's.  It is a bit closed off towards the top at the trim, but the very edge of the lace is a bit more forgiving, I think this might be part of where I get some bubbling.  I am fairly high set and even/ slightly FOT, this could be problematic if you are very FOT, but keeping your standard 3HC size could prevent it.

I am actually quite pleased with the shape it gives and that is quite a feat for an unlined bra to acheive.  I'm not a fan of Cleo's unlined offerings because while they give great cleavage and roundness they bring everything in too much for me. While the Coco does give a round shape it doesn't push everything so inward either.  I also don't think it gives quite as much lift and cleavage as a Cleo,  but still provides great shape and support. The clothed photo doesn't really show this, but it does seem to give a slightly minimized appearance, but this could be what is keeping everything from being pushed so far inward and centered too.  If you are like me and aren't a fan of most unlined bras especially Cleo's this might be a good option to try.  (Yes, I know the tank top is inside out, didn't notice until after I had taken the photos)

I wore the bra for several hours today and it is quite comfortable as far as fit, but the material is a bit scratchy, hopefully that will change with more wash and wear.


 I've since worn the bra for 2 full days working 10 hour shifts outside in 80+ degree temperatures.  The band is a bit too snug for me even with an extender towards the end of the day, but again I am more of a 30/32 than a 28 so this shouldn't be an issue if you are a true 28 band, for the second day I wore this to work in I added an extra extender just to be a bit more comfy.  The material is a bit itchy, but not something I notice during wear for the most part.  I have washed this (by hand of course) and it has softened up just a bit, still not the softest fabric, but it doesn't bother me.  If I were to order this bra new I would probably get a 65G or 70F since a tight band can be a bit uncomfortable when you get really hot and sweaty and I think my primary use for unlined bras will be when I'm working long shifts outdoors in the summer.  I would love if Comexim would make this bra in a nude as well.

I also noticed that with a bit of a 2nd extender I get a slightly more projected and less minimized look, and am a bit closer set.  I will add some new photos soon.

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