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Ewa Michalak M Magique, M vs. PL Comparison

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Ewa Michalak M Magique, stock Photo from website.

I absolutely love the aesthetics of the M Magique. The band does run quite small, and I was aware since I bought it from another Bratabase user.  However,  I was really curious about the M cut and love the Magique anyhow, nothing an extender or 2 can't fix, and at least I didn't have to wait a month to see if it would even work. 

The bra fits me fairly well, both with and without the cookies.  The cookies for this bra are a bit challenging to put in, they slide in through a small side pocket and you have to bend them a bit to squeeze them in.  While it fits well both ways, with the pads gives some extreme cleavage (I will take some more photos with pads in once I dig them out of the bra drawer). 

The wires are a bit wide, but not excessively they are within the realm of what works for me at about 5.3in, and they are also quite short (about a 1.5cm shorter than than the PL).  The straps are still somewhat wide set like most EM's, but are narrower straps, which could be a pro or con depending on your preference, personally I think if they were wider they may be a bit irritating, but they do feel a bit flimsy (they are completely elastic), so you may need to adjust them a bit throughout the day, but they are easily adjustable.  I measured the distances between straps on the M compared to PL's of the same size and they seem to be close if not the same depending on the PL. 

without cookies

without cookies

I think the primary difference between the PL and the M is the cup height with the M being about 2cm shorter than the PL. The gore is also a hair lower, but almost literally a hair lower, and the PL's range a bit in the ones I have from 1.75 to 2in while the M is 1.6in.

If the PL works for you and you want lower coveage the M could also work if you are in the size range for the M (65AA-F and corresponding sister sizes including a standard 60 band).  The cup depth seems to be mostly the same between the 3 PL's and the 1 M I have at about 8.25, with one PL measuring 8.5.  You may want to size up in the band though, it is noted on EM's website that the band on the M runs small, since I only have one M I can't speak to how true that is across the line, but this one does fit more like a 60 than a 65.

Here is a photo comparison between a PL and the M.  Although I believe I am wearing the cookies in the PL, I will add some photos with cookies in the M when I can (ideally when I have some natural light).  Despite cookies in one and not the other the cleavage looks similar probably because M  is lower coverage, with cookies, it's almost too much, but good for special occasions.  I am also able to wear a 65 band in the PL with no extender whereas in the M I have 2 extenders on.  For reference I have a 30.5in ribcage, so I'm more between 30/32 bands.

M Magique 65F without cookies

M Magique 65F with cookies

M Magique 65F without cookies
M Magique 65F with cookies

Ewa Michalak M Magique (798) 65F

* Stretched band length: 27.0in
* Band length: 22.0in
* Cup width: 5.5in
* Cup depth: 8.2in
* Wire length: 8.0in
* Cup separation: 0.8in
* Cup height: 5.5in
* Gore height: 1.6in
* Wing height: 3.3in
* Strap width: 0.5in
* Hooks: 2

Pl Blekitna Rapsodia 65F

 Pl Blekitna Rapsodia 65F

Ewa Michalak Pl Blekitna Rapsodia (658) 65F

* Stretched band length: 29.5in
* Band length: 23.0in
* Cup width: 5.3in
* Cup depth: 8.3in
* Wire length: 8.8in
* Cup separation: 0.6in
* Cup height: 5.8in
* Gore height: 1.8in
* Wing height: 3.5in
* Strap width: 0.6in
* Hooks: 2

Update:  Good news for those who don't fall into the size range of the M cut, Ewa has finally released the long awaited S Magique.

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