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Tutti Rouge Nichole 30DD, A Final Try!!!

After 2 long weeks of working out of town I arrived home this evening to several packages, mostly bras (yay!), as well as some samples of lingerie wash (upcoming reviews, and possibly soon, my bras are in desperate need of washing).  If you've been reading my blog, you know I had been graciously sent the Tutti Rouge Nichole to try and review.  I had tried the Nichole once before being offered one to review and the first one I tried was a 30E (too big), the second a 30D (too small).  Tutti Rouge was amazing enough to send me another Nichole in 30DD.

This time I received the Nichole in a stunning Cobalt blue, it also has black trim, a leopard print bow, and as always Tutti Rouge's signature heart shaped sliders. So the 30DD is a much better fit than either the 30D and the 30E.   As with the previous sizes the 30 band does still run big I can wear it on the loosest hooks with no issues, but can easily get it on the last hook as well, so if you are a true 30 you will most likely need to size down.

From a frontal view it doesn't look bad, it actually looks like a decent fit.  The the 30DD is the best fit of the 3 sizes I have tried.  The lace trim is mostly lay flat and the cups are filled. Despite this I am still having some issues with the fit.

This time the sides of the cup aren't creating as much of a bulge as the 30D did.  For some reason though it is still creating some lumpiness on the side.  Here you can also see how wrinkly the cup is.  The cup wrinkled in the smaller size as well, so I think that is just a characteristic of this bra.  I though perhaps the wrinkling was leading me to think there was bulging, but when I pulled the fabric taut there was still bulging.

If it weren't for the wrinkling and the bulging I would say the shape that Nichole gives is fairly round, but the bulging disrupts the shape and makes it less round. I would also be quite satisfied with the Nichole otherwise. Somehow though it seems to be a bit better under a shirt, though the bulging and wrinkling is still a somewhat evident from a direct side view (it seems more obvious IRL).  The angle shot though seems to look quite nice.  I could probably be alright wearing Nichole under a loose fitting shirt or a sweater.

In this shot it actually looks quite nice.

When I look back at my reiviews of Nichole in the other sizes, I noticed on the 30E while it is too big there is no wrinkling on the outside of the cup.  On the 30E the only wrinkling is at the upper part of the cup, and there is also no bulging.  I guess for a true fit I need the outer fullness or wire width of the 30E and the smaller upper section of the the 30DD.

Nichole in 30E

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