Monday, December 19, 2016

Scantilly Peek-A-Boo

Before I get started, I decided to change up where I take my photos, normally it's the bathroom because it tends to get the best light, but I decided to try out the recently renovated bedroom today.  I think the darker color wall offsets this sexy set pretty well, although the lighting may not be as good as the bathroom.

I've been having really good luck with Curvy Kate unlined bras recently and have been intrigued by their Scantilly line.  Scantilly generously offered to gift me a set for review,  the set I received was the Peek-A-Boo in black.  I got the bra in 30E and the brief in medium.  I was unsure what size to get in the brief as I hadn't tried and panties from Curvy Kate before.

The bra is a balconette style with sheer mesh cups, but has a black (spandex?) overlay that covers the lower part of the cup (hence the peek-a-boo).  It is a four part construction with 2 vertical seams and one horizontal.  There are several panty options including a thong, brief, and bare face brief (it has a cut out over the cheeks).

The bra fits decently, although the cups are a bit on the small side.  I have some bubbling, so I would be interested in trying it in a 30F to see if that is a better fit or if it ends up being too big, I have a suspicion that the bra is just intended to be low coverage since Scantilly is Curvy Kate's budoir line.  The gore on  the Peek-A-Boo is also rather wide, after full scoop and swoop I have to reposition a little so it's not sitting on tissue.  The cups almost feel a bit shallow, but when I feel under the overlay to see how the cup is fitting pulling the overlay away makes it actually feel rather projected.

I've seen a few reviews saying the overlay portion is a bit strange, but for me it didn't seem to be an issue.  I think in order for the overlay to work well, it needs to be a near perfect fit so if the fit of the band or cups is even slightly big the overlay might wrinkle.  When I was asked my size preference for the bra I said a 30E or 32DD depending on how the band fit and the representative said Scantilly bands run a bit big, but I find the band to be fairly TTS.

The panties I was sent are the bare faced brief, when asked size of those I said small or medium and provided measurements because I frequently fit in between sizes.  I was sent the medium, and  unfortunately they are too big, I would say they fit a bit more like a large.  I might try to take them in a bit.  Since I haven't tried and Curvy Kate or Scantilly panties previously I can't provide a comparison.  I almost wonder if the bare faced brief might run a bit bigger than regular briefs.  If anyone has tried the bare faced brief and regular brief any insight on fit between the 2 would be awesome.

The photos seem to be hiding the looseness of the panties, you can kind of see the upper band wrinkle a bit on the back shots.

If you look at the waistband, you can see a bit of wrinkling, it is also a bit loose on the sides.

Overall I am quite pleased with how the bra fits and the aesthetics of it as a set, I just wish the panties fit better.  It is a very sexy set, but I think it could still function well as a regular bra.  Now I do have a few qualms with the quality for the price point.  There are some loose stitches on both the bra and briefs, and the materials just don't seem to be as high quality as the price point would suggest.  I know that you can pretty easily find Scantilly on sale on UK based sites, so if you want the set and can find a good deal it's still nice just not at the MSRP.