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My Thoughts on Tutti Rouge Lilliana 30D/30E Comparison

When Tutti Rouge offered me the Lilliana to review along with the Nichole, I accepted.  I was fairly aware that Lilliana has a reputation for being wide and shallow, but you never know sometimes bras surprise you.  The first Lillana I received was a 30D the size I had chose for Nicole (Nichole is the complete opposite of her friend Lillana, Nichole being very deep and narrow), I mentioned that the 30D in Lillana would probably not be a good size, but they wanted to see feedback of how the same size in each fit.  This review will cover both the 30D and the 30E in the Magenta/Red colorway.

Tutti Rouge Lilliana
The Lilliana is a 3 part cup padded lower (thin foam) with strech lace upper section.  The stretch lace does have a ribbon that runs through it, but the ribbon has some stretch as well. As usual it features Tutti Rouge signature heart shaped adjusters. The bow on the gore and straps matches that of the color of ribbon that runs through the lace a rather nice detail that adds character to the bra.

I tried the 30D several months ago and hadn't got around to reviewing it yet, I was awaiting response from Tutti Rouge about trying a larger size, so I could more fairly review the Lilliana.  The day I received the 30E Nichole, was the evening I arrived back from my 2 week work trip, it's always fun coming home to lots of packages!

When I tried Lilliana in 30D, it had given me a glimmer of hope that Lilliana may now be as shallow as she is made out to be.  The wires look rather narrow here, and they are.  In the 30D the wires are only 5in wide.

tutti rouge lilliana, purple, dd+
From the front it doesn't look bad, other than the lousy lighting.

Starting to see some signs of it being too small, but the wire width is good.
Lets take a bit closer look at Lilliana.  This is where you really start to see the fit issues I'm having. The 30D as expected is too small in the Lilliana, but the wire width is about perfect.

A wire width around 5in is a good width for me, so I figured if the 30E got only a bit wider it could still stand a chance.  Well here's the 30E, I will let you take a look before I tell you the results.

Again from the front it doesn't look too bad, the 30E just looks a bit full coverage.

tutti rouge, lilliana, full bust, a bra that fits, bras, purple

From the side shot there isn't any quad boob, but the cups are a bit wonky where the padding meets the lace.  You can see that where the transition is the padding sticks out and the lace drops down creating unevenness. Perhaps it needs more upper fullness, or it caused by the shallowness and my boobs trying to escape to find more depth.

tutti rouge, lilliana, full bust, a bra that fits, bras, purple
Still some issues with the upper cup section, but not as bad

tutti rouge, lilliana, full bust, a bra that fits, bras, purple

The real issues with the 30E come from how much the wires are scaled up from the 30D.  The wires are almost a full inch wider from the 30D.  It obviously gets a great deal shallower as well.  I do require some immediate depth, but I don't usually run into issues with the cup buckling near the wire.
Here you can see how wide the wires are and the buckling.

tutti rouge, lilliana, full bust, a bra that fits, bras, purple

tutti rouge, lilliana, full bust, a bra that fits, bras, purple

The wires on the 30E come in at 6in wide compared to the 5in of the 30D.  If Tutti Rouge could make this bra be more projected I would love it.  I really like the styling of it, and I think it would be comfortable if it fit correctly.  Just because the Lilliana didn't work for me doesn't me it couldn't work for you, if you are shallow and require wide wires the Lillana could be your perfect match.

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