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My Thoughts on Impimi Adell

Impimi is a Polish brand and like Comexim I have heard that Impimi is able to make customizations to their bras.  I contacted Impimi about possibly getting a bra to review.  First they sent me  65G and 65H which should be equivalent to 30E and 30F (I also wear 65H or 70G in Comexim and both being Polish figured one of those should work, and 30E/F is my UK size).

So I received the 65G and 65H, as soon as I opened the package I could tell there was no way either would work for me.  Just looking at these bras it looked like both my boobs would fit in one cup especially on the 65H.  I did try them on just to be sure, but as I expected they are much too big for me.  I emailed Impimi back and told them the issue I was having some fit issues with the 2 bras and sent over some photos.  We decided that they would send me 65D and 65DD (UK 30D and 30DD).  

The smaller bras arrived and they looked like a much better possibility.  I tried both on, but could barely tell a difference in fit/ sizing between the two bras.  I did pass one of the Impimis on to another blogger (Dreams and Underthings), in hopes of getting some more information out there about Impimi.  I chose to keep the 65D as it seemed to be just slightly better than the 65DD at least I think. They were literally so close in size, if it wasn't for the tags I wouldn't have known which one I had on.  

The bras Impimi sent were the Adell, they had initially said they were going to send me the Nichol, but I received the Adell not sure why, but no problem I just wanted to give an Impimi a try and wasn't concerned about the model.

impimi, adell, full bust, semi soft, a bra that fits, bra fitting

The Adell is a 4 part cup consisting of 2 vertical seams and a single horizontal seam.  The lower cup section consists of a thin foam and the upper is non stretch lace (there is a thin strip at the cup edge with a bit of stretch).  I received the red and black version so the cups are red with the band and lace being black with some red accents.  The bra is quite stunning.

So the Adell overall isn't an awful fit the cups seem decently projected and about 8.9in deep and probably average immediate depth.  The wires are narrow at 5.25in, but they aren't the typical "U" shape (The Musings of Renzilla refers to them as being more of a Nike swoosh).  Now on the larger sizes I received they do seem to be more "U" shaped.

I do seem to get  a bit of a pointy shape from the Adell this may be from the different fabric types and since the lace is not stretch.  The lace is a bit closed off as well.

impimi, adell, full bust, semi soft, a bra that fits, bra fitting

impimi, adell, full bust, semi soft, a bra that fits, bra fitting

My main issue with the Adell is the gore.  The gore is probably the tallest gore of any bra I've ever had on my body at 3.4 in.  In addition to being very tall it is also quite wide it's .7in.  I wore this bra around the house for a little bit, before leaving and deciding I wasn't wearing the bra all day.  Upon removing it I had wire marks on my inner tissue.  When I put it on I had to do a very small reverse scoop since the gore is so tall, but I've done this with other bras and never had issues after my breasts settled in and no marks.  The wires are also very firm so the gore stabs me and causes rather severe pain.

The straps are a bit wideset, but I think if it weren't for other issues I may be able to tolerate them.

As far as customization's with Impimi goes, I have not personally tried to order anything customized.  I did ask about alterations and got this response. 
 "Hi, Impimi does alterations. We can make bras for asymmetric breasts, when one breast is bigger than the other (in ex.: one or more sizes up)Its depends of customer needs. We can make everything."  Sounds like they should be pretty flexible with alterations.  I think I might like this bra and it would be wearable if I could get it with a lowered and narrowed gore.

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