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Ewa Michalak, Giving the SM Another Chance

I had previously tried a couple of SM's and didn't have the best results, one being a size to large and the other having been used and having a 75 band altered down to a 65.  This time I got the bras in 65F and 70E and either new or barely worn.  I got the SM Rozowa in 70E and the SM Summertime is 65F.  These two are probably the best fitting SM's I have tried, though not without some issues.

Rozowa is nearly a perfect nude for me with it's pale pink tone (much like my Curvy Kate Florence) and cut like the Czarna Miglelka. The Summertime is a bit dark for me still very pretty, but to utilize as a nude it would be better on a darker skin tone (perhaps why it's called Summertime, although Summertime or not, it won't be a nude for me).

The design on Summertime is beautiful with the embroidered flowers and it's similar to Cukiereczek, but with more neutral toned embroidery.  Under most shirts the embroidery shouldn't be visible, but under clingy thin shirts it may be a bit noticeable.  I think on my skintone I prefer the Cukiereczek a bit more, but both are beautiful.

ewa michalak, sm, unlined bra, a bra that fits, full bust
SM Rozowa

ewa michalak, sm, unlined bra, a bra that fits, full bust
SM Summertime

The SM does offer a good amount of support and lift, it also has the narrow wires Ewa is known for.  As usual the straps are a bit wide set but not really an issue.  I do think the cups are a bit on the taller side. With the Rozowa and designs like it, if you are very FOT you may want to size up as it is a bit more closed off.

Now my only issue with the SM is for some reason I get some smashing in the lower section of the cup near the vertical seam.  It is a bit more noticeable on the Rozowa, and until I was looking at the pictures I hadn't realized it is happening in the Summertime as well. It seems to square off my breasts a bit, and it is noticeable under a shirt (at least the cheap thin shirts I wear all the time).  It seems to only happen on my left breast, I only have minimal size difference between my breasts though so perhaps there is a slight shape change between them causing this.

ewa michalak, sm, unlined bra, a bra that fits, full bust
Notices the flattening squared of shape I'm getting on the left breast.

ewa michalak, sm, unlined bra, a bra that fits, full bust
Again the same flattened sqaured shape.

 Other than that the bras fit  fairly well. I'm guessing that the SM might be a smidge too shallow for me in these sizes, but when I size up I'm swimming in them at least in the upper section of the cup.  In a cup volume up the top section gapes I think from a combo of there being an apex mismatch and the cup in general being a bit too tall.  Perhaps if I gave the SM some time the cup would give a bit and mesh better with my shape/projection.  However, I'm not really a fan of having squarish boobs, if I wore looser shirts this would probably be an issue I could overlook (me and my abundance of cheap knit shirts).  I guess I need the projection of the 70F with the cup height of the 70E.

ewa michalak, sm, unlined bra, a bra that fits, full bust

ewa michalak, sm, unlined bra, a bra that fits, full bust
Again if you look closely you will see a bit of smooshing it seems to be occurring at the vertical seam.

Overall the SM in these sizes are mostly good fits, but I have a few quibbles with them, and while I love how they look, the fit just isn't working for me.  If it wasn't for the awkward smooshing I would love the bras.  I know the SM works wonders for quite a few people providing amazing lift that a lot of unlined bras don't and for most a round shape as well.

I have since tried the BM and it may be a better match for me.  I will get a review up soon.

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