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My Thoughts on Tutti Rouge Jessica with SuperBoost

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I got the Tutti Rouge Jessica in 30E from a swap on Bratabase.  For some reason I really like black and "nude" bras, I'm not sure what it is, but they really catch my attention.  Forgive me for the excessive amount of photos, but I really love the aesthetics of this set.

Without Boosters
I had been interested in the Jessica since I first found out what the concept was.  In case anyone isn't familiar with Jessica, it is an unlined bra but it comes with cookie pockets and 2 different cookies a smaller one and a larger one (Tutti Booster (large) and Super Booster)small one inside larger one).  The larger cookie has a pocket in it to put the smaller one in.  This gives you 2 levels of boost, and the option to wear it just unlined.

I hadn't seen many reviews on the Jessica, but from what I've seen it seems like wearing it completely unlined is the more popular choice.  As an unlined bra it fits nicely and gives a somewhat natural shape.

Without Boosters

The boosters do give boost and more cleavage, but personally I'm not quite sold on them.  I like the cleavage, but I don't like the appearance the the "Boosters" give.  The boosters only go into the outer section of the cup.  I find this gives a bit of an odd squarish shape and makes them too visible.

With just the large set worn alone you get a subtle more "soft hills" style cleavage.

With 1 Set of Boosters

With the Boosters worn together you get full blown cleavage, no subtlety here.
With Both Boosters, here you can really see the out line of the boosters.
As an unlined bra the Jessica is pretty nice although the wires aren't narrow (5.8in), but the cups are deep (nearly 10in on a 30E).  The Jessica fits much nicer on me than the Nichole which I had issues with in several sizes.  Without the cookies, the Jessica provides subtle lift and a somewhat round shape, but also slightly minimized and wideset.  It doesn't offer as much forward projection as a Cleo.

I have only really given Jessica try as an unlined bra as I don't care for the shape I get with the boosters.  Since hearing that they can conform to your shape over time, I may give it another shot.  As an unlined bra it fits fairly well for me.  I did notice it felt like the underwires were sitting low, but when I took the bra off the marks were perfectly in my IMF, so not sure if it was how I was sitting or just a strange feeling, I may try wearing it with the band on tighter hooks. Also despite having wider wires, they weren't too far off despite measure a good half inch wider than most my really good fitting unlined bras.

Without Boosters.
With 1 set of Boosters, you can see the outline of the boosters at the vertical seam.

With Both Boosters.
The gore is nice and low, but it is a bit on the wide side.  However the gore has the ability to tip into itself some (perhaps to allow for  use of the Tutti Boosters).  I did not have any wire marks on tissue from the gore. The gore is tacking nicely and is very comfortable as well.  With the gore relaxed it is about 1in wide, but tipped inward it is .8 which isn't bad since it's not even 2in tall.

The gore has some fabric between the wires, so the wires can tip inwards allowing some flexibility.

Overall the Tutti Rouge Jessica is a very pretty bra, and makes for a stunning set.  However, you may find yourself surprised to buy this bra for the boosting benefits only to end up wearing it as an unlined.  In a thin shirt the boosters are fairly noticeable, so it might be better to wear under a thicker shirt. Before seeing the photos, I really thought that the Booster outline was a lot more noticeable, but after seeing the photos it doesn't seem as bad as I thought.  Based on the photos I'm honestly thinking it might just be more of a self awareness thing and other people might not notice, especially if you take the time to see if the Boosters will conform to your shape.

Without Boosters

With Both Boosters.

Without Boosters

With Boosters

I did get this with the matching panties as well. Unfortunately the panties are a size XS and run fairly TTS, so they are a bit too small for me, I think a small would fit pretty well.   Regardless the set is absolutely stunning (thanks to my boyfriend for assisting with photos).

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